Day 259: Bobbin Along

Day 259: Bobbin Along

Singin’ a song, on the bottom of the beautiful briny, the shimmery shiny, the beautiful briny sea…

What’s that from, all you smarty pants out there? Legitimately one of my favorite movies as a kid. It has nazis in it. Yup, nazis. And, it’s a kids movie. Wrap your heads around that!

Got work done today. Knocked my pages out like a boss in record time, and they were good pages today. That’s not always going to be the case, I’m realizing. At least, not until I really get into some sort of groove. But, I did today. I don’t know how to explain it, except that describing things and dialogue and thoughts all kind of fell out of my fingertips in a rhythm today. It wasn’t a struggle. It was just…clearer. Things were making sense. I’m hoping that’s something that continues.

Editing was great today, too…although I’d been hoping to actually make UP some work. But, as it is, I got a full day’s in and I’m totally happy with that. Entirely acceptable. I have my work cut out tomorrow, but honestly, it should go pretty easily.

My friend Joe came over for the Home Run Derby out in Minnesota and my main man Yoenis Cespedes won it for the second year in a row. He’s one of only two players in history to do that. It’s him and Griffey. That’s pretty fucking cool. Now, if only he could find that consistent power stroke in real baseball…he’s got so much talent, that kid. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously doing well enough to get noticed as an All-Star, but he really could be so much better. The talent is there. It seems like he just loses focus sometimes.

Anyway, that’s all. This is what happens when I have a day that’s not interrupted with a bunch of apartment bullshit.

It’s glorious. I look forward to more tomorrow!