Day 268: Flat Tire

Day 268: Flat Tire

Had a bit of a break-down today (no, sillies, not the dramatic emotional kind) – a flat tire of sorts and everything ground to a halt.

I woke up in the morning feeling exhausted, with a tell-tale ache in the back of my throat. Thankfully, that didn’t progress any further – I think it was a symptom of not taking allergy medicine before going to bed. The exhaustion, however, didn’t abate. It lingered throughout the day. I *did* get work done and my writing, so it wasn’t a complete loss. I’m quite happy about that. But, I did shut my day down after the Coopy walk at 7.

I really do hope that I’m not actually coming down with something. I don’t think I am. I just think my body’s throwing a little tantrum after what’s been a very intense week. Tomorrow, I’m again planning to take a sort of half-day. Get a little work done, but not a full day. I’ll pay for it next week, for sure, but I’m okay with that, to be honest. I’ll catch up. Of that I have no doubt. And, the writing continues to hum along. Not with the pilot, which again, is an area of necessary improvement…but I am writing every day. And that feels wonderful.

I feel much more “normal” today, despite the exhaustion. Yesterday was intense, with lots of self doubt. But today wasn’t. It’s clear what I need to do, and that’s just keep moving forward. I had an idea for another novel today, although I have no idea if it would be feasible. I was just walking with the Coops and thinking about how much fun the universe of Indiana Jones was, being set in the 30s/40s, and how much of the world was unexplored during that time period. And also just how much FUN all the technology and design was during that time — the planes, the jeeps, the old radios and the lamps. I love all that shit. Especially if you put it in a jungle…or underwater and add some fringe-sciencey-fiction shit to it like in Bioshock…there’s something there, for sure. Aside from space operas, that’s really my only other jelly-jam when it comes to universes in which I’d like to live (in my head). Maybe some fantasy stuff, but I’d take those two first over fantasy pretty much any day.

Anywho, I am going to bed. I’m sleeping in tomorrow, and hopefully that will be sufficient to get me feeling back to 100%. It’s been a LOOONNNGGG time since I’ve had a day like today. Wish me luck!

Tonight’s artwork was pulled from True Achievements and looks like a screencap of a video game. Cool!