Day 272: Home Again

Day 272: Home Again

Ah, the gloriousness of your own sheets….am I right?

We made it back from Comicon 2014 in one piece. It’s a christmas miracle! We honestly didn’t do all the much today in terms of the con, but we did have a very nice brunch and then met up with Liz’s bestie Ali, who had come down for a panel on Arrow at one of the satellite comicon events they do outisde of the convention center.

It was freaking HOT today. Jesus Christ. Even down in San Diego. And humid as fuuuuucckkkk. So, we didn’t spend too much time outside. We hung out for a little bit, then said our farewells, and the Ho and I went back into the dealer room to track down a couple last-minute items.

We then hoofed it back to the hotel where our car was hanging out, and we hopped in to drive home, steeling ourselves for the traffic that was going to permeate the I5 all the way back up to LA…except…we didn’t take the 5. We took the 15. AND IT WAS AMAZING.

In the absence of traffic, there’s no way you would want to take the 15 from San Diego unless you were actually intending to drive to the inland empire. But WITH crazy traffic, the extra 30 or so miles that it adds to your trip are of absolutely no consequence given that there was almost literally ZERO traffic. It cut a good hour, perhaps even more, off our trip had we taken the route everyone else was taking home. So, that was a major win.

Then, we picked up the Coops who had been staying with our good friends Kristen and Argeesht. Talked with her for a while about their weekend together, her and the Coops. About their adventures, and how he was acting, etc. Apparently last night, Coops was doing a licking session (as he does sometimes) and Arg wasn’t sure if something was wrong, and so he went down onto the floor and hung out with him for a good 30 minutes or so before coming back to bed. And then, when he did, Coops came up on the bed and snuggled right up next to him. THAT’S MY DOG. A cuddler, through and through.

Right now he’s passed out on his favorite pillow on the floor. And I mean PASSED OUT. It must have been a very exciting and exhausting weekend for him, just like it was for us.

The Ho decided to document our haul from the convention for a forthcoming creative outlet she’s trying out, and I’ll leave the details at that for now. If I get the okay from her to pimp it here, you’ll be the first to read about it 😉 very proud of her. I’m (obviously) a huge advocate for having a space to just do what you like to do and post it. The posting of something is actually equally huge for me as the creating of what you’re posting. If you’re putting it up somewhere, you’re saying that you are at peace with being seen, which offers at least some sort of level of peacefulness with yourself. At least, that’s the way I feel about it. If I can post it here, it means that I’ve let go of keeping it inside myself enough to show it to anyone who might stumble across and read it. Now…I do NOT mean that with the truly personal things in my life. But, I do mean it with my career, my opinions, the things that I love, and my daily thoughts. It’s not a carte blanche statement that everything should be put out into the internet ether. Let’s be clear about that. But, if I’m setting a goal, or I’m feeling insecure about something that I want to get over, putting it online and baring my true feelings about it is part of the process of reducing the hold that issue has over me. There’s so much power in that, I’ve found, and I highly recommend it. If you claim something as existing and put that kind of light on it, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to move on and put it behind you.

So, yeah…on that note, tomorrow is going to be a day of recovery, recharging, refocusing, and re-strategizing. I’m behind on my work, both editing and writing, so new plans must be made. And rest must also happen. And eating food, and re-centering my headspace. I learned a lot at the Con, and was inspired to continue doing what I’m doing. Plugging ahead, writing new pages, and making the money I set my goals to. That’s been the theme this year. Let’s see it out.

So, that’s all for tonight. A’s won big-time, and I was reminded that Jon Jaso went to McKinleyville High School in Humboldt County and graduated in 2001…which means that I played Little League against him…that blows my mind. Love that guy, and he’s an exceptionally talented player. Proud to know he’s from Humboldt.

Good night!