Day 274: Sickies

Day 274: Sickies

Man, it snuck up on me today. I was cruising, getting my work done, and BAM…at, like, 3:30 or so in the afternoon, all the sudden I was feverish, achy, and fending off a pretty heavy headache.

I tried to power through, but I succumbed around 5:30 and passed out for a 3-hour nap. I took some more drugs, and I’m feeling slightly better at the moment, but it’s always hard to tell if that’s because of the drugs, or because the rest actually did some good.

Going to bed early tonight, we’ll see how I feel in the AM. I didn’t get a full day’s work in today, obviously, but I still got more than half of a day done due to a pretty normal morning.

Very frustrating…I was talking with Liz, and I know where this comes from. I get stressed out about stuff, and sometimes I let it overwhelm me a bit. My immune system takes a hit, and my body kind of shuts down. I wish it would just end there, and me taking a day or so to just relax and calm the fuck down would always do the trick (like it did last week), but…that whole immune system being weakened is very real, and sometimes it legitimately leads to me getting sick for reals.

HOPEFULLY that is not the case. I’m feeling optimistic about it, actually.

So, yeah…that’s all for tonight. I was half way through the DS9 series finale when I stopped working. I think I’m gonna go finish that.

Tomorrow…well, we’ll see what happens. If all goes well, I’ll not only have done a bunch of stuff for the wedding, but I’ll also have done some catch-up on the novel writing from Comicon weekend non-working, and finished this last lesson I was supposed to have done today.

Wish me luck 🙂