Day 275: I'm a piece of

Day 275: I’m a piece of

Feeling like a turd today. Good news is, thinking my fever is gone, and I’m hoping for a tomorrow morning where I wake up and get off and running.

The sick-thing, guys…it’s not a good look. I ordered a pizza because I was hungry, naturally, and walking to the fridge seemed harder than using an app on my phone…anyway, the pizza guy I’m pretty sure, was convinced that I was a clinical depressive given that I answered the door in my PJs, hair greasy and obviously matted by a pillow, and a beard that the northwest could hide under. That’s how I look today.

The pizza was good, though. I put jalapeños on it. Good decision.

Coops has been seeming to enjoy the all-day-in-bed time, lazy little bastard that he is.

Did I mention that I really need to take a shower. It just seems like a Mt. Everest climb…I really should just do it, though. See! This is what being sick reduces one to! I can’t be sick tomorrow. I’ll get too far behind. Right now, I’m teetering on that cusp of rallying and get everything back on track, and letting it all fucking explode and needing to re-strategize. Really, really hoping to pull the former out of my ass and keep this fucking train rolling forward.

I tried to get work done today, the rest of the work done that I missed out on Tuesday because of the sudden sickness of 2014. I couldn’t do it. I was all sweaty and hot and cold at the same time, and trying to focus. I hate that shit. Sorry, lots of bad words tonight. I guess being sick turns me into a sailor (you know, because they curse a lot, just ask my brother Seth).

The A’s have been stinking up the joint lately. We lost two of three games to the Astros. The ASTROS. That hasn’t happened in literally, like, 8 years. So, that was shitty. It’s one of those stretches on the schedule where the Angels (who are right behind us in the standings) are playing tough teams and we’re playing the crap teams. Well, the Angels are doing their job and losing some games, but WE’RE not doing our job and winning. It’s the part of the year where we SHOULD be taking advantage of the schedule and giving ourselves some breathing room to work with down the stretch…but we’re not. And, that will almost certainly come back to haunt us in a few weeks. Unless we get our shit together quickly.

I’ve just decided I am going to take that shower after all. I’m sure the Ho will rejoice. She’s actually over at one of our friend’s place tonight because I ruined the plan to have peeps at our place to watch SYTYCD (being sick and all).

HOPEFULLY tomorrow, I’ll be sitting here reporting that I was, indeed, able to get my ass out of bed and in my computer chair and get some freaking work done. Writing, too. I’m still reach-ably behind on that, and if I rally, I can be back on track. That’s the hope!

Tonight’s artwork is from Jim Burns, and lifted from 70s Sci Fi art