Day 277: Freaky Friday

Day 277: Freaky Friday

Didn’t get into troublems with my identical twin today…but I did get work done and went to a birthday party for our friend Jake in Los Feliz…and that was about it 😛

Had apartment stuff since it was the first of the month…

I’m at a bit of a loss tonight 😛

The Coops just walked like a tired person past me to get up and sleep on the chaise lounge. Literally, like how you or I would stumble around like a tired drunk in the middle of the night, he just teetered past, heavy-lidded and wobbly.

We’re watching So You Think You Can Dance right now. There was a bomb-ass Travis Wal routine that we both think just saved a couple dancers asses from getting cut from the show. We’ll see.

Been knocking out more of the Children of Tendu podcast, learning more and more every day. Like, what the role of a staff writer REALLY is, and how to keep your mouth shut and actually be helpful. Literally…really good stuff.

Did NOT get writing done, which bums me out, but I’ll just have to make it happen over the weekend.

A’s lost 1-0 today. That’s my least favorite score of any game. It’s ONE FREAKING RUN!

Christina Applegate literally just tried to explain “turn it up to eleven” to a group of teenagers. Amazing. They were so confused.

They did a pair of group routines on SYTYCD, guys and girls, and both were freaking awesome. For, like, the first time ever. Travis Wal’s waves routine with the dudes was OUT OF CONTROL. Jesus Christ.

That’s it, guys. More tomorrow, with less scatter-brained-ness 😉