Day 279: Sunday blunday

Day 279: Sunday blunday

Today was wall to wall, man. I *did* sleep in, ever so slightly. An extra hour. Offset, of course, by the fact that we went to bed an hour late last night 😛 But, it still was glorious.

Then, it was shopping for groceries, laundry, balancing the finances (why does money disappear so FREAKING quickly, eh?), and then it was off for two straight hours of physical activity with the Ho (and LEGIT, too, we were sweating our balls off!), back to home for a quick bite of toast (literally, all I had time to eat), off to the Zoom Room with the Coops for some agility training, then back for a shower at the home before zooming off to dinner with some friends we haven’t seen for a long while.

And, I know, I fully realize, all those things are super fun and privileged and day-off-ish kind of stuff. Yup. And they totally were every one of those things, and today was awesome. It was ALSO exhausting 😛

Sufficient, I think, to set me up for some success this week, though. There is going to be work to do with the apartment building, for sure, but other than that, the distractions should be at a relative minimum. And, unlike last week, I have a fully stocked kitchen of food to keep me from getting hangry and feeling like the world is going to implode. It feels like that sometimes when I’m hungry…

Also getting back to working out. Last month of the workouts. I have a ways to go, and I’m not going to look like Adonis, unfortunately, but I AM going to be as fit as I’ve ever been when I get married. That’s something, right? It’s completely cliche to get in shape for a wedding, completely. But, it’s actually just an excuse, an external motivation for something that I’ve been trying to accomplish now for the past year and a half and really struggled with.

And writing, that’s coming back now after some ups and downs in the past two weeks. Listen, I’m getting married in four weeks. Those ups and downs are GOING to happen again. But, I’m sticking with it all so far. The ups make up for the downs, you know? I can still be productive even if it’s not all ups all the time. Work is getting done. I’m almost 100 pages into my novel. In a month. Four weeks ago I had 0 pages done on my novel. I’m very happy with that.

And, on that note, we say good night. And, that the Ho and I started watching Cesar Milan’s new show Cesar 911 and I really just love watching him work. He’s spot on about HUMAN behavior, and something that I really love about dogs the most is that they are mirrors for ourselves. If something is going on emotionally for us, we will see it reflected in our dogs…and for me it just reinforces the power and stability of being calm and assertive in LIFE. Ya, I just capitalizes that shit. Calm and assertive is the happiest state in existence, and would you know it, it’s exactly what your dog wants from you. It really lines up that way, and I love that constant reminder from our furry friends.

Good night!