Day 281: Marathon

Day 281: Marathon

I’m feeling it tonight. Pretty gassed, but still in it. It’s a marathon now, guys. Marathon to the wedding, and then a marathon from there to the end of the year. If I can stick that out, and I can, I’ll be very, very happy with this year. It will be, like, the best year I’ve ever had. Married. Some savings. Taxes pre-paid…and shit WRITTEN.

Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be big writing days. In fact, I’m writing this on my computer right now and as soon as I finish, I’m mapping out my day tomorrow. Some editing needs to be done. Lots of writing. I’m going to get caught up on my novel writing tomorrow, so help me god. It’s imminently doable. I bet I can knock it out in 3 hours. Also some wedding stuff to do, hopefully get to hang for a bit with the Ho, and maybe get my eyes checked. That, more likely, will happen on Thursday, but we’ll see.

Thursday is likely filled with whatever errands I can’t fit in tomorrow, some more editing, and FINALLY a legit day working on my pilot. I’m at the outline stage for my next major rewrite, and I really rrreeeaaalllyyy need to finish that so I can subsequently DO the rewrite. I’m meeting people here and there, and they’re mentioning the standard “take a look at something” and I *must* have that something. This major rewrite is, I’m sure, just the first of maybe four or five more after showing it to various people for notes and advice before it would even be presentable to show someone, and I’m wasting time. An entire month, basically, and I don’t like that. It is offset by the fact that I’ve made huge progress on my novel, and I’ve definitely enjoyed the space from the project. For reals, it’s helped me. But, I’m taking too long with that, and it’s time to “get back on track” with my goals, where I want to be at this point in time, and fit in working on both, simultaneously.

Today was a solid day. Slightly short, yet again, from my editing goals, but I’m still undaunted. It just means work tomorrow, and that’s fine. I can handle that. Oh! Tomorrow is a workout as well. I’m editing a couple “astronomy” lessons tomorrow, which should be fun. I had fun doing that last one yesterday. I don’t think I talked about it last night, but it was on the absorption spectrum of stars – ie- we can tell what atoms or molecules a star has in it, especially in the upper layers, based on looking a the light spectrum it gives off. Certain atoms absorb certain wave-lengths of light, so when we’re looking at a star, for example, with calcium in its upper atmosphere, we’ll see a black line in that star’s spectrum because the calcium is absorbing that particular part of the light spectrum. Very cool stuff.

Coops has been the best lately. I realize I say that every week, but it continues to be true. He’s underneath my chair right now as I type, sighing every so often…probably because he’d really like me to get up and go to bed. Soon mister Coopey. Soon.

Liz wasn’t feeling to well yesterday, and felt slightly better today, but she still had to spend most of the day in bed. I was her last week, so a bummer to see that she’s not feeling well – it sucks. I know first-hand. But, at the very least, I know that whatever I was fighting didn’t last long and wasn’t too terrible, and so far it’s looking like the same will be true for her. She may have booked something today that would film out of town, but I’ll leave it at that without any specifics. Not my place, but I am proud of her.

I also want to share her new YouTube adventure – she’s created a channel called “The Hug Life” and her first video is a haul of the goodies we got last week at Comicon. You should watch it. So, here it is:



I was going to do a full posting of it, but I’m sitting here right now thinking about it, so I figured I’d just share it now. Very proud of her 🙂 Everybody needs an outlet!

That’s all my thoughts for tonight. I will see you sexy people tomorrow.

Oh! And the A’s won and the Angels lost. Thank you LORD. We’re back up to a 2-game lead in the AL West.

Tonight’s art, as usual, is from 70s Sci Fi Art, and while the artist isn’t listed, it’s concept art from this movie Robinson Crusoe on Mars which keeps coming up over and over in my life…I guess I need to watch it!