Day 282: 90%

Day 282: 90%

Success! Kinda…

So, I rocked the writing today. Most that I’ve done in a day, for sure, since starting this project. And, by a good margin. I think I wrote 22 pages today. 22! And pretty easily, I might add.

But…a hiccup in the middle of the day with some apartment nonsense kept me *just* shy of hitting my goal of completely catching up. By about an hours worth of work. Just an hour!

It’s not 1am, and time to sleep. My brain is shutting down, and I know I have to get up on time tomorrow.

So, alas, it was a very genuinely productive day, I even got my workout in and editing done…and yet I didn’t quite hit my goal. I feel like that’s been the theme of the past two weeks. Some good work, but not as much as I know I *can* do, and *want* to do. Especially with the editing. Ugh.

At the end of the day, it’s okay. I *am* staying consistently productive, and I suppose I’m dealing with what’s being thrown my way as best I can…BUT…

It’s still frustrating. I’m close enough to catching up, and yet I’m allowing myself to lose focus right at the end of each opportunity.

Tomorrow will NOT be a full-blown get-it-all-done kind of day. I need to do work on my pilot outline. Work in the ideas that have been simmering in my brain for the past few weeks. I will be sitting down for the solid hour on my novel tomorrow, and I’m in enough of a groove that an hour may actually be enough to completely catch up. We’ll see. For now, what I got done will have to be enough.

And so will the length of this blog 😛 It’s bed time. See you crazy kids tomorrow.