Day 284: Weeeeeekend

Day 284: Weeeeeekend

Another helter-skleter day today – the Ho is offically flying out tomorrow, and my mom came into town EARLY, which was at first stressful because I knew it was going to cut my work day short…and THEN turned out to be perfect, because with the Ho flying out tomorrow, it meant that we needed to do our shopping TODAY before she left.

My mom, see, is coming into town for the full-blown Hollywood What not to wear-inspired make-over in advance of our wedding, and the resident fashion guru is Liz. So, we went and picked up my mom, and went straight from there to The Americana shopping center in Glendale.

Liz had set up a personal shopper for my mom at the Nordstrom’s there and it was a super success. My mom found not one, but TWO dresses for the wedding, and tomorrow the journey continues as we get her hair cut and colored, and a make-up consultation.

Mom is gonna be looking FLY. I’m excited for her, and she seems to be excited as well. Life is looking up, people!

I just got interrupted literally three times to go help Liz get down boxes so she could find her motion sickness bands for the trip tomorrow. That’s love, guys, pure and simple. Love like that is a good thing to build a marriage on, am I right? Right.

I tried to entice the Coops to stay up on the bed just now as I finish my entry, but he bailed. Alas.

It’s time for bed, now. We have to get up at 6:30 in the AM to get her down to LAX to fly out to New York. Bullshit, I tell you! But, it’s what you do when people are paying to put your face on television. Such is the life.

See y’all tomorrow! 🙂