Day 285: Madre

Day 285: Madre

So, Liz left this morning for New York. Drove her there with the Coops at 6:30 in the AM. But, no traffic on the weekend, so it wasn’t too bad, you know? She apparently *barely* made her flight because the lines for security were so bad. LAX, man. It can be a major shitfest down there without a doubt. It’s just such a major airport. So much going on.

Then, I got to come back and sleep for a couple more hours, which was nice. Made oatmeal for me and my mom, and then we took a quick walk with the Coops around the block and left to get her to her hair appointment. She got it colored and cut, and it looks AMAZING. Really. I’m not just saying that to say it. It really looks awesome. Color is fabulous (and done with all natural organic stuff, in true Felicia style), and the cut is superb. A really great look for my mama.

Then, it was off to Ulta where we’d planned to get her a consultation and tutorial for the wedding, but they were all wrapping up for the day over there, so we just made an appointment for tomorrow. Oh, and I forgot, we ate at the cafe next to Felicia’s salon, had some nice tacos with the cafe’s own home-made tortillas. And THEN, we went to drop off ribbon to Kristen, and I said hi to Arg, who was taking off to go do a photo booth event. He just started a photobooth company, and it’s pulling in some nice cashola already. So, yeah, forgot to mention we did that.

Then we came home and I decided to take another nap. It was awesome. And then, we walked the Coops and the weather was amazing. The fog bank was starting to roll over the top of the hills up there where we walk Coops on the normal nighttime loop we take. So, it was nice a cool with a breeze. Weird weather for August, but neither of us were complaining.

We came home and talked for a while about family and how everyone was doing, and then I made the Blue Apron salmon meal that Liz had prepped yesterday, but because of the sudden travel plans had never been able to cook for herself. It was DELICIOUS. I would rank it as an 8, I think. A solid 8. Liz really wanted me to cook it, and I did. It was, indeed, super easy 🙂

And now, the Coops is asleep in his normal spot, and I’m listening to the infernal Angels-Red Sox game that is currently in the 19th inning. The 19th! We already won today, so I’ve been really hoping that the Sox could pull out a win and give us a FIVE game lead in the AL West…but, man…nobody seems able to win this freaking thing. The Sox scored a go-ahead run in, like, the 12th, but then the Angels came right back in the bottom half and tied the game up, and then went on to leave the bases loaded TWICE after that without managing to score the winning run. In situations like these, the advantage really does go to the home team.

Ah, so Pujols just finally managed to hit a walk-off home run…or at least we think it is, it was called a home run, but it ricocheted back onto the field, so they have to look at it in review. I guess part of me was hoping that the game would get into the 20th inning. I’ve never seen a game go that far. We’ll see. If the call is quick, I’ll let you know. It was just upheld. The game is over. Stupid Red Sox.

That’s all for tonight y’all. See you tomorrow!