Day 286: Le Tired

Day 286: Le Tired

Been a while since I’ve had to do one of these 😛

Had a great day with mom. We walked to Starbuck’s in the morning with the Coops and met another Shih Tzu with super similar coloring named Isaac. He was really nice and chill. Then, I did some editing work while my mom read for a little while and played with the Coops. Then, we went into Burbank and got her make-up done at the Ulta there. My mom is quite allergic to most facial products, but it seems we found a few that worked for her.

Then, it was to Porto’s for some lunch, back home to feed the Coops, and then I got a little more work done. We walked the Coops on the normal nighttime loop, and then we went grocery shopping at Ralph’s together. Came home, at dinner and watched the ending third or so of Young Frankenstein, which I know is one of her favorites, and then she went to bed and I just finished up the day’s work.

Now it’s 12:30 and time for bed. Mom has to be in Burbank at 7:00am, so it’s gonna be an early morning. Hence the “Le Tired” entry.

In other news, I’m writing this on my computer as a couple things upload, and Coops literally just walked into the office to tell me it was time for bed 😛 Silly dog.

Also, I miss the bear. Having mom to hang with was cool, but she leaves tomorrow, and it’s just going to be me and the Coops for a whole week. Maybe more. Ugh.

Night, guys.