Day 288: Back on Track

Day 288: Back on Track

This was almost another “Le Tired” entry, given that I’m currently writing this at 1am, and for the past hour and a half, my dog has literally been checking me every 20 minutes or so like, “dude, aren’t we going to bed???” Well, we’re finally here, so keep your little doggy britches on.

No, I do not actually make my dog wear pants. Unless it’s a formal occasion, obviously. We’re not savages.

Today was exactly what I wanted it to be. Got a *shit ton* of work done, and I actually did it all without the aid of any so-called “easy lessons.” It was just grit and determination. There were even distractions with apartment stuff, but it didn’t set me back too hard. Sure, I’d be writing this in bed at 11:30 instead of 1am…but you know, quibbles.

I’m almost all caught up from a very crazy July. The rest of this month will be *almost* as crazy, but not quite. I’m on track again. Heading towards success.

I did a toooonnnn of narrations tonight, which means that I recorded audio. I only get $10 a narration, but, if I can do five or six in an hour, than I can actually make some decent money doing them. It doesn’t always work out that way, and reading outloud for several hours straight can definitely give me a case of the zone-outs…but it worked tonight. I thought I would have thrown in the towel early at several points and called it good enough, but I didn’t. I got a second, third, and fourth wind and powered through.

Anyway, I’m freaking exhausted. That’s about really all I did today. The A’s won, which was awesome. Banged out 20 hits today…let’s see…I missed Liz, and she got caught in a torrential downpour going to see her friend in Brooklyn…da Coops was frisky today, and needed to wrestle THREE times today, when he usually only needs to do that once…I’m almost DONE with the Children of Tendu podcast, and learned about the pitfalls of selling a script without being qualified to show-run it yourself…ya…and I miss the Ho.

Good night guys!