Day 289: Holy Crap it's Late

Day 289: Holy Crap it’s Late

Ya…this entry is being written at 1:47am… :s

I was talking with the Ho out in NYC, then I was working for a bit, then I showered and did some thinking about my pilot, and now all the sudden, it’s freaking almost 2am and I have to be up at a normal time tomorrow morning.

No bueno…

So this entry will be short. I got up and walked with the Coops, then I did some requisite apartment stuff, then I drove down to Tustin to get my wedding band, but it didn’t fit, then I drove back home, ate some lunch, took a nap with the Coops, went to the driving range and had some jackass swipe my car on the freeway there and then speed off without pulling over, then I came home and walked the Coops, watched a little baseball with dinner (we lost)..and then came the list of things I led this entry with.

Busy day, these off-days, and tomorrow shall be no different, I’m afraid. Hopefully get some real work done, though, on the novel.

I’ll see you crazy kids tomorrow. Sorry this one is so late (and so freaking short!).