Day 291: Be Lucky

Day 291: Be Lucky

Coops is on the bed, ya’ll.

He’s been sleeping on the floor every night now for like the past two months. We figured it was because of the warmer weather, that it’s just cooler air down on the floor. But, tonight he’s up on the bed. Which is nice. I like him up here 🙂

I think it’s because the Ho is home. Not sure for how long, but she was able to sneak home for at least a few days in between filmings.

I worked today, which got side-tracked by so extraneous stuff, but nothing too crazy. I was actually a few hours away from being able to get in a full day, but I decided to spend the evening hanging out with Liz and Coops instead. I think it was a good choice.

I was also tired today. More so than I should be. I think it’s stress. In fact, I know it is. So, tonight, I will attempt to calm that shit down and just have a nice relaxing night’s sleep. I’m in good shape. I’m where I need to be with work and with writing, and with the wedding. So yeah…just keep moving forward.

I started Voyager today to listen to in the background while I work. We’ll see how that goes. I loved doing it with DS9, as you’re aware if you read this thing. That was a lot of fun, and I was definitely sad to finish it a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what to do to fill the void. I’ve gotten very accustomed to listening to something in the background while I’m editing. It definitely does slow me down somewhat, to be completely honest – something will happen and I’ll stop working for a minute to click over to the browser and see what it is. But…it’s also become a huge part of me consistently sitting down to actually get work done. So, in that regard, I think it’s been a huge asset as a motivator to work. I think that far outweighs the slight dip in hour-to-hour productivity. In fact, my track record over this summer speaks for itself.

The A’s…oh man, can’t even talk about them tonight. They lost to the Braves today. And by “lost” I mean they got shellacked. Four home runs given up, a measly two-run shot from us by Nate Freiman. We lost 7-2. And this is to the team that’s been REELING. I think they’d lost 8 in a row before they finally won a game yesterday, and now they’ve won two in a row. It’s the toughest two-week stretch that I’ve seen our team go through in quite a while. There was one last year in late August (or was it late July/early August…?) where it was similar – not scoring runs, pitching still decent, but defense very shaky and the pitching not picking those mistakes up…but this one feels a little more protracted, and a little more worrisome given how CONSISTENT this team had been up to this point. I mean, literally, now if our team can’t turn it around and go on a tear, this season goes from being one that really could have been something really amazing, a 100-win-type season, to one where we’re barely going to scrape by to get past the Angels, and that’s only IF we can stay ahead of them. Not good. I hope we win tomorrow, win Sunday, sweep the Mets at home, and then sweep the Angels next weekend. We were able to do that kind of thing against the Rangers the last two years, now we need to prove we can do it against the Angels. And, we CAN…we just need to freaking do it.

I’m not saying that we need to be playing out of our minds right NOW. If there’s a time to slump, it IS now when there’s still time to figure it all out. But man…I’m really hoping that this team can pull it together, because there’s been the chance all year up to this point that this team could really put together a truly incredible season….100 wins is a major, major accomplishment. Those season only come around once every 15 to 20 years if you’re lucky…I’d like to be lucky. Go A’s!

And, good night! 🙂