Day 292: Moonscape

Day 292: Moonscape

Long day. I’m sitting here in bed right now and it’s 12:45am. Liz is next to me scrolling through our shared iCloud photo stream of our dog, which we hadn’t used in easily 8 or 9 months until just recently. And I’m feeling…calm. Tire, yes, but calm.

A lot of that has to do with a full day of editing. And, I do mean a FULL day. 20 minutes. Done. Despite not getting started until around 2 in the afternoon because of a morning of apartment responsibilities.

Saw Abbey today, she had stuff to bring by for the Ho. Gifts. Talked with Liz about stuff we want to do in Miami. Watched a little shark week with her while I ate food. Put Voyager on in the background while I worked. Took the Coops for both of his walks today. Listen to the freaking A’s lose and get themselves into a freaking tie for first place with the freaking Angels.

I don’t know. It was just a focused, good day.

I think it started last night, actually, when I just made myself calm down and rest. Really rest. I didn’t get a crazy solid night’s sleep time-wise, but I woke up feeling rested. And, I felt alert and had energy all day today. So yeah…that was a nice relief.

Tomorrow will be a day dedicated to writing, some wedding stuff, and a smidgen of editing mop-up work. Monday will be more of the same, with some errands to run sprinkled in there for good measure. Then it’s Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for three more full editing days, and I’m off to my bachelor party being fully caught up for my work in August, and with my writing. I’m very, very, very much looking forward to being in that position. I’ve worked hard for it this year, and it’s working.

Everything is working. And whenever that happens, I just feel fortunate. Fortunate to be here, to be healthy, and to be able to create the life that I want with my own two hands.

I realize that I have ups and downs. In fact, they come weekly, it seems. So, I’ll savor this feeling today after such a good day, and remember the feeling on the days that are not such good days. It’s all part of the process, isn’t it?

I’m also almost only a week away from 300 of these blog entries…that’s crazy, right? 300! Like the Spartans! It’s a level of consistency that I’ve only ever dreamed of, to be completely honest. I’ve never done something 300 days in a row my entire life, except maybe eat and drop a deuce…and I really didn’t have much of a choice with option number two (heh…number two…).

That’s all for tonight. I’m actually going to go searching for some artwork tonight instead of just snagging one of the saved images I’ve found. I will see all of you tomorrow after, hopefully, another solid night’s sleep. Good night!

Tonight’s serene-looking moon-scape is by Mel Hunter and courtesy of the 70sscifiart Tumblr blog that I refer to so often.