Day 293: Success!

Day 293: Success!

I caught up today with my pages for the novel. Completely caught up. I’m 48 days into the three-pages-a-day writing extravaganza, and I’ve written exactly 144 pages. That’s almost half a novel right there 🙂

Man…I thought I would be at this point (being caught up) several weeks ago, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Today, it was, and it feels good. Really good.

I’ve noticed that I can sit down and write for about two hours solid at a time before I kind of burn out. I can turn out a good solid 10 to 15 pages in that timeframe if it’s prose. If we’re doing screenplay format, probably 10 pages is the max. IF I know exactly what I’m writing. I think…the screenplay part of this whole scenario is a bit untested. But, the prose? I got that shit on lock.

With the novel, I’ve really just been writing straight out of my head, creating scenes as they come. I mean, it’s only possible because of the outline that I spent months working on a couple years ago, but I can just really SEE this thing in my head. I don’t need to constantly be checking back in with the sketch, it’s all the full-blown painting right now. I’m digging the process.

See, with prose, you really get to take you TIME creating everything that’s happening. Really create everything, and with a flow that’s really comfortable to dictate to. Screenplay writing is the complete opposite. Screenplays are either dialogue, or a series of still images. Prose is a fluid process, like a river you just kind of float down. It’s a much more relaxing state to create in, for me, I have to say. But…there’s no money in books, is there? And, I do really for reals love LOVE television…and there’s nothing I love more than working hard to get good at something difficult.

NOT to say that writing this novel is easy. Hell no. I’m well aware that what I’m creating right now is *actually* a giant pile of more work as a rewrite it and fix all the shittiness that’s just coming out raw. It’s my first freaking novel, for crying out loud. It’s going to be a piece of shit. But…that’s okay. It’s going to be one of the more satisfying pieces of shit I’ve ever created, and I’m going to be damn proud when I’ve finished…shitting it. Okay…that metaphor went way too far. I’m so sorry.

Did some physical exercise today with the Ho, which was nice. We got Soon Tofu from BCD Tofu house together, and that was a freaking brilliant idea. I watched the A’s lose their 5th straight game for the first time this season and REMAIN in a virtual tie with the Angles for first place, even though the Rangers had pulled off a miraculous 9th inning walk-off to beat them earlier in the day…could have gone back up a game and made our lives soooo much easier, but we couldn’t even manage to take one game from the Braves. Joe came over and we bitched and moaned to each other about the state of our team. I did some grocery shopping.

The only thing that I *didn’t* have time to get done today was the little bit of editing and the few narrations I need to record. But, that is certainly doable tomorrow…which is a day I need to go plan out, actually. Gonna go do that right now as I sign off and say that I will see all you sexy people tomorrow. Have a great night!