Day 299: Bachelors Day Two

Day 299: Bachelors Day Two

I’ll start tonight’s run-down of the Bachelor Party extravaganza by saying that I’m freaking beat. The whole crew was, actually 😛 they’re all asleep already. We really are getting freaking old, man.

We were up around 10am, left around 11 to get breakfast at this chicken and waffles joint in Berkley. It was legitimately delicious. The gravy they used was out of control. It was an hour wait almost to get in, though, so we pretty much had to come straight back from breakfast to change and get our asses up the Berkley hills to the golf course.

Joe and my brothers had never played golf before. Seriously. And this course was no slouch. There were definitely some challenging holes, and the entire thing was up and down, up and down.

My jawbone kept track of our steps, and we walked 9 miles. Yup. Walked it. Like gangsters. I had some driver issues early on, but that settled down after the first five holes and I really got to work on my iron play. It *vastly* improved over the course of the day.

I also sank a good 40-footer on a par 5 for a par. That was the highlight of the day for sure. Hit some GIRs, got better, much better, at chipping and laying up. Took a decent number of mulligans…it was a good day.

Then, we went to Pyramid brewery straight from the course to get some beers, food, and watch as the A’s beat the Angels again tonight 2-1, on a wild pitch that scored Coco. The food there was AMAZING. Seriously. My burger was just about perfect, and they have much more there that’s good beyond just their Heff.

Then, we came home and played Nikolai’s MarioKart Wii U game. That was a college throw-back for sure. Just sitting around playing MarioKart. So much fun.

Now, I just got off the phone checking in with the Ho, filling her in and getting a report on her bridal shower which was today. And also, my eyes are lead weights right now. I have to stop.

Goodnight my peoples. More tomorrow.