Day 301: Health Certified

Day 301: Health Certified

Took the Coops to the vet today to get the last piece of his stuff done to take him to Hawaii this morning, his health certificate. A piece of paper, basically, saying that the vet thinks he’s healthy enough for travel, doesn’t pose a risk for passing something contagious, and that he’s up on all his vaccinations and medications.

The joint was jumping there today. The was a bunny who didn’t give a shit and ate his lunch in the middle of the chaos, a husky puppy who was dying to play with the bunny, a guy with literally 7 chihuahuas in various kennels, a man next to me with a miniature pinscher that couldn’t stop whining and breathing a million miles an hour (the dog, not the man), and a cat on the other side of me who was chilling in its kennel wondering what the hell was going on in this crazy lobby. Coops, through it all, was a rock star. Listened to me very well and just sat at my feet. A couple people he made eye contact with invited him over to say hi, but that was about it. He was really, really good. Even with the vet. I know he gets freaked out a little bit, but nothing compared to how much pretty much every other dog we saw come in and out of the place.

It took us almost two hours to get out of there because it was so busy, but I’d prepared for that in my expectations for the day, and so it was no big deal. We got our requisite paper work, and we should be good to go now. It was the last step, short of the inspection in Hawaii, and we will have our beloved Coops with us for the nuptials. That’s next week. NEXT WEEK. I’ll be flying out with the Ho and the Coops a week from tomorrow. It’s craziness.

Got my writing done today. Didn’t entirely make up for the lost weekend, but almost. I was also thinking as a took a shower before bed tonight, when I do my best thinking, mind you, that this book really might do well as TWO books. I realized that I’m almost two hundred (manuscript) pages into the thing, and they haven’t even left the planet yet. They’re about to (spoiler alert), but that’s not even close to where the half-way point is in my outline and I’m just about half way done with this first book, pages and word-count-wise. So, I’ll keep steaming ahead just like planned for now, but I am already thinking about how and where to split this thing into two books.

But, the writing continues to be awesome. One thing I will say, one downside to this write-a-little-every-day approach is that you definitely get a start-and-stop with the flow of the writing. I’m not sure it really has a detrimental effect on the actual writing, it probably doesn’t, but it is a weird feeling to stop writing right as a flow is getting going. But, hey. It’s freaking worked so far. I’ll have 200 pages written this time next week. That’s freaking dope.

Tomorrow is a work day, and on that note, it’s time for bed. Except to say that the A’s won today and the Angels lost. A’s won in convincing fashion behind Samardzija, and the Angels got smoked by Miami who got the better of the replacement starter for Garrett Richards. Both teams are a bit vulnerable on opposite sides of the equation: the A’s with a Jeckel & Hyde offense, and the Angels with big question marks surrounding their starting pitching. We’ll see how it shakes out. I’m hoping with the A’s on top 😛

So, yeah. Work tomorrow. Writing. Normal stuff. Normal day. Looking forward to it. Good night, and see you tomorrow!