Day 303: The Cycle

Day 303: The Cycle

It continues, it seems. I have extraneous stuff that gets in the way of me doing the work I’d like to be doing, ie- editing and writing, it throws me off, I get a bit depressed and have a hard (or impossible) time using the sporadic free hours I do have to get that work done, I get behind, which depresses me a bit more, until I suck it up and start getting work done again even if there are still distractions, and I sit up at 1am like I am now feeling frustrated that I let myself get behind in the first place.

Coops inexplicably just got the zoomies. At 1 in the morning. It’s because I sprayed him with some tea tree spray on this spot that he’s been itching today, I think. He’s given himself this weird mark. It’s all because we had to hold off giving him his flea medication. That never seems to fail. We walk him outside twice a day, the dude picks up bugs. And if we let them breed, for a single generation, he starts to get itchy. He should be back down to normal in another day or two. Now he’s laid down on the ground by my side of the bed, resigned to have this weird smelling patch on his shoulder blade. Such is the life. That’s the Coops update.

I did get work done today. Hopefully rented my vacant apartment, did (most of) a full day’s work, and took a three-hour trip down to the OC and back for my wedding band and the appraisal on Liz’s ring. It was a busy day. I’m pooped, to be honest with you. I tried to get more work done tonight, power through a few more narrations at the last minute, but I couldn’t keep my eyes focused.

I have three more days before we leave for Hawaii. Three more days to power through and get this month actually finished. Same thing with my writing, to get to almost 200 pages. 186, to be exact. Wish me luck. I’m more worried about reaching my editing goal than I am the page count. Getting to both goals would be very nice…

See you tomorrow.