Day 306: Packing

Day 306: Packing

Like packing heat!

Jk,jk. Packing as in we’re going to Hawaii in two days. Tomorrow we drive up to the Bay, which is where we’re flying out on Tuesday. I guess that means we leave for Hawaii in three days, to be more precise.

I think I’m packed. Liz says she isn’t, but she looks mostly packed to me.

It’s weird. The next time that I’ll be sitting in this bed, writing this blog, I’ll be married. I’ll have passed through one of those “rites of passage.” Something once so abstract and objective, very real and subjective. I hope it’s the first of many more of those events. Not marriages 😛 But passing through from something seemingly far away to having done it and seen what it’s really like.

I did not get much editing done today. I did, however, get everything done with the building that I needed to. I also packed, and I’m hoping to have a little time here to get some writing done. And, then again tomorrow/Monday before we head out to Hawaii. No writing will be getting done in Hawaii. Except for this blog.

Oh, and I’m thinking about doing another instagram-type do-hickey for 30 days where I post a vlog every day for the month of September. It’s a special month, now for more reasons than ever. Getting married, obvs. It’s also Liz and my 10th anniversary of being together, which is why we chose this particular weekend to get married in the first place. And, then it’s my birthday on the 13th. A lot going on. Makes as much sense as any to give it a try.

I told Liz the other night and she balked at the idea, which made me stop and think where it WAS a good idea. But then it kinda came out that she thought I was going to stop writing the blog each night, which never entered into the equation. It was always going to be something supplemental to writing this thing. I’m thinking much more along the lines of what I did with instagram, a little snapshot of something happening that day, something extra to add onto documenting my life.

I do have to hold a short moment of silence for my Oakland A’s. I’m pretty sure we’re done for. At least with this “special” season that I watched unfold up until around August 1st. This month has been horrendous, and we’ve fallen far enough into ineptitude that I have no doubt we will end the season far short of where it was looking like we might be able to. We were headed towards winning 100+ games. Now, I’m guessing more like 93 wins. Which isn’t terrible on the surface. But, it is when it’s only going to net you second place, three games behind the Angels, and throw you into a one-game play-in for the post-season. That’s a far, far way to fall for the once-best team in baseball. I had a long text sesh with Joe about it today and we both agreed that even though there still is time for the A’s to figure things out, neither of us expects it to happen. We traded away our clean-up hitter, and then we got hit with enough injuries to dismantle the platoon-style line-up that had been working so well for so long. It only works that well when you have your full complement of players, and we don’t. A couple may be coming back next week in Jaso and Lowrie, but we just lost Crisp again with neck issues that have made his production a roller-coaster. Couple that with two of our lefties that have really struggled in Vogt and Moss, Moss being the one of the two that’s a big power hitter and he’s *completely* fallen off the face of the earth…then add a dash of the Angels just playing consistent ball…and it’s a recipe for disaster.

I told Joe it feels like it’s over. He agreed. We’ve just lost three in a row against the Angels, which suddenly gives them a 4-game lead. A 4-game lead that we had over them just two weeks ago. A fall like that is almost certainly deadly at this point in the season. Someone pointed out we were this many games back last year of the Rangers, and we won the division fairly handily. The difference? We were on the upswing last year at this point. Same thing with 2012. We’d already hit rock bottom and were starting to recover. Today, and every day we lose this week is rock bottom. It’s several weeks later in the season this time. We’re currently trending downward. That’s a big difference.

So, that’s my completely non-silent moment of silence. I’m not going to pay attention for the next two weeks. We’ll see how their doing with two weeks to go. Two weeks meaning more like 12 days, ie- when we get back into LA. But, whatever. I won’t be listening to games. Checking articles the next day, sure, but not actually paying attention. It’s time to ignore the drama for a while. Focus on other things.

K, that’s it for tonight. I’m off to write a little. See you kids tomorrow for the last day of August!