Day 308: Shopping Spree

Day 308: Shopping Spree

Did a fair amount of shopping today 😛

We fly out tomorrow for Maui, the big travel day, and I still needed to get a few things; some beach shirts, a couple more shorts/swim suits, finally get my Toms that I’ve been trying to snag for two weeks, and some travel pants for tomorrow that can double in the future as my “editing” pants.

See, when I sit and work, I like to raise and bend my legs at all angles on my chair. I usually wear my normal pants to do so, which wears out my knees way faster than it really should. SO…my grand plan is to get a few pairs of workout pants and wear those instead while I work. So, today, I got my first pair. The Ho says that I’m turning into an old man. To that I say sure, if “old” means “smart and comfortable.”

I got a few pages written today on the novel, just under three, and I’ll try to write maybe three more before sleep. Maybe. Not sure if that will happen, and you guys, it’s okay. I’m about to go get married. I will have time to catch up on the 15 or so pages that I’m “behind” once I return. Same thing with my editing. There will be time when I come back. I am going to do my darndest to just enjoy the next two weeks. 10 days of vacation, and then a good 4 days or so of stay-cation once we get back to LA.

I’m looking forward to it all. All of it. And starting to feel just excited about things as opposed to stressed, or planning, or whatever.

The money stresses me out, but we have it. It’s why I’ve worked so hard to this point in the year, and then while I’ll work again through the rest of the year to bring the savings levels back up a bit.

Just took 10 minutes to do a vlog thing for Liz, which REMINDS me that I started my daily vlog-ettes today. I’m calling them “Captain’s Vlog Supplemental” because it’s geekily amazing, and they’re not full-blown vlogs. They’re just an extra something about my day. So, anyway, that’s what the video is up at the top of this thing tonight, and it will be for the rest of the month.

We did what’s called a “couples tag” where we ask each questions to see how well we know each other, and then we challenge other peeps who are on youtube that we know to do the same thing. It was fun. We tried it earlier today, but the questions were not as fun, and we were also hungry at the time, so it wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be. So we re-did that shit.

And, now it’s time for bed. We have to get up super early, and then I’ll be IN HAWAII. I’m so excited. It’s gonna be beautiful. And awesome.

See ya bitches!