Day 310: Maui Day Two

Day 310: Maui Day Two

.First things first, I’m the realest: I’m freaking tired at the moment 😛

So, for some reason, when we first got here, we were calculating things like if we’d gone to the east coast, ie- our “real” time was three hours behind us, and doing things like dinner at 8:45pm here in Maui, or writing blogs at midnight were actually three hours earlier in LA time. Yeah…it’s the opposite of that. It’s 12:18am right now, but it FEELS like what time it is in LA, which 3:18am.

I played golf with Ryan, and the course was just ridiculous. It was a hefty fee, for sure, but it included shit like pick-up in the parking lot and a ride to check-in, our cart was included with fancy GPS and eScorecard, we got free range balls, a water-cooler strapped to our cart filled with ice and waters, and a consultation with a marshall at the first tee who explained how the grass was different on their greens, and how to adjust to their break. We just kind of nodded at that last one and pretended to know what the fuck he was talking about. We didn’t.

What we DID know is that it was freaking gorgeous out there. And, it even cooled down an hour or so after we started as a breeze coming in off the ocean picked up and cooled things off. Ryan shot his best round ever, a 95, and I shot a 104…however…I can say, at least, that I played the better second round than he. We were both taking free drops, otherwise we would have both been in the triple digits. But, Ryan won the day. He was a model of consistency, at least for us weekend-warrior-type ilk.

Then the Ho and I went to Costco with my mom and dad, who were newly in town, to buy supplies for the welcome barbecue that’s happening on Friday. That was a lot of fun.

We had an adventurous time on the ride home in the dark, but that’s a story for another day.

Once we got home, we changed, and then headed out back to the other side of the Island to taste Mama’s Fish House, which had been introduced to us by nearly everyone talking about Maui. It was delicious, it was right on the beach, and Liz and I were celebrating our 10-year anniversary. 10 years! It’s crazy.

Liz also came up with a great new sexual saying: snorkling. We’d bet it has to do with deepthroating and then coming up for air, but we’ll leave it to the historians to catalogue it’s many applications.

Then, it was back home and we picked up the Coops who had been hanging with Liz’s parents. He tried to run off for a hot second, but I caught him. I think it was because there was a bullfrog over in the bushes making a seriously loud racket, but the Ho says that he’s been doing that all day today. It’s weird, the couple times that I’ve taken him out, he’s stayed right next to me.

Okay, I’m *literally* falling asleep as I type this. It’s time to go to bed. See you tomorrow. We get our wedding license!