Day 312: Maui Day Four

Day 312: Maui Day Four

I’m getting married, guys. Tomorrow.

Mind explosion.

Woke up today and the birds were going crazy on the walk with the Coops. I think they must have known that rain was in the air (it rained this afternoon…we’ll get there).

First order of business was the wedding rehearsal, which meant that we all got to see the venue. It was freaking beautiful. We’re literally right on the beach (ya, I did just use “literally” in a sentence, and ya, it was used correctly, you jackasses). It’s going to be an incredible place for the ceremony. The waves are feet from where we’ll be standing. I mean, that’s bananas. I’ve never even really been a huge sea/ocean kind of guy, and I’m excited to have our ceremony somewhere so close to it.

Then, it was home for some quick lunch and a breather before my parents came over to our cottage and we got all the prep work done for the Barbecue that we were throwing to welcome everyone to the wedding. That involved a lot of vegetable and fruit slicing on my part, and my dad took care mostly of buttering and wrapping up the corn on the cob.

It rained almost the entire time we were working on preparing for the BBQ. In fact, it was a little worrisome, given that the BBQ was happening at a park outdoors, and there was no backup plan. Literally. But, it cleared up about an hour before we were due to get there, and it stayed clear.

We headed down to the beach, got set up, and people started rolling in right around when the burgers were getting ready. It was pretty much perfect. It went off without a hitch. The food was good, the people were mingling and having a good time, and the beach was UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous. We were winding down right around sunset, and Liz and I walked down onto the sand and watched it go down. We even got the surf in our toes a little bit. I mean, it was ridiculous. So, so pretty.

Then, we packed up and came home to give the Coops a quick bath. After that, it was off to a little pre-wedding get-together at one of the bars on the main drag in Kihei. Pretty much everyone was there, of the younger crowd, anyway. We all shared a drink and watched these old music videos on the big projection wall behind where we were sitting. It was random stuff, like “All about us” by Ashanti and Ja Rule, and then legit baller stuff like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Very odd mix, to say the least.

It was just a day of really wonderful people, and it was wonderful to have everyone spending time together. It’s very rare, these times to get everyone together, laughing, eating, drinking, watching the sun go down. I really feel like we’ve made the right decision by coming out here to do this wedding. I mean, it was always going to be special and a gathering extravaganza…I just feel like having it out here in Maui has really brought it to another level. It’s even more special, something that all of us will always remember and look back on as one of “those” trips.

I know I will, anyway.

That’s all for tonight. Hope you guys are also enjoying the videos that I’ve been taking each day. Doing that every day this month. Just for fun. Another way to catalogue my days, and mark the time, see where I’ve been. Remember.

Good night! Tomorrow, we wed!