Day 313: Maui Day Five (aka Wedding!)

Day 313: Maui Day Five (aka Wedding!)

So, I got married today.

It’s surreal, even sitting here in bed several hours later. The wedding wasn’t so much surreal. That was actually (almost) exactly what I’d been expecting after 12 months of planning.

But, lying here right now, I’m next to my wife. Not my girlfriend. Not my fiance. My wife. I mean, that’s a big deal. The means we’ve both decided that we like each other enough to say, “let’s do this thing till we die.”

I feel very grateful. And excited for the future.

The day started early with the Coopy walks. Then, it was driving the ladies down to the estate. Joe showed up shortly after to go with me to pick up food and deliver that to the ladies at the estate, and then suddenly, my boys were all arriving ready to head down ourselves. I showered, we jumped in the car, and then there we were. At the place where I was going to get married.

It was raining, and it kept raining. Our planners were trying to put on a brave face, but I could tell that they were shitting their pants. I gather it doesn’t usually rain that much in Maui.

But, the skies opened up *just* in time to start a mere 15 minutes late, and they stayed open for the rest of the evening. The remaining clouds from the little tropical storm made the sunset freaking ridiculous, which of course, we took full advantage of with our video and photography.

Lion dancers showed up, Liz and I tried to sneak food while speeches were happening, I danced with my mom, Liz danced with her dad, we danced together and then did our choreographed dance, and then everybody danced and drank and had a wonderful time.

Coops was a little overwhelmed, for sure, but he did great. Everyone did great. Even my mama, who cried. Seth cried when I told him that I was so happy to have him as a brother. Scott cried when he talked about how we’ve helped each other over the years, from young to old. Everybody cried at some point. It was glorious.

And then, almost all too soon, it was all over. We were packing up and heading to the after party where we stayed for a couple hours. I said by to my brothers, and a few others of our friends. And we came home, and took a shower.

It was a perfect day. It really was. And I’m a very luck man.