Day 314: Maui Day Six

Day 314: Maui Day Six

Tonight’s entry is going to be a short one, because alas, I must be up in a mere FOUR HOURS.

We’re doing the “get up crazy early in the morning to go to the top of the volcano and watch the sunrise” thing tomorrow.

Today we stayed in bed almost all day. We went to Kihei Caffe for breakfast, slept through the afternoon, and then went to sushi with Phil and Kiel, two of our legitimate favorite-est people in the whole wide world. We did this crazy happy hour thing, where there was a line at least 100 people deep waiting to go in right at 5pm when they opened.

It was totally worth the slight wait (they let everyone in almost all at once). The sushi was great, we ordered WAY too much, and we had lots of fun and laughs.

And, then we saw on our way home that our photographer had posted shots from the wedding…and hour later, we still need to go to bed 😛

So, that’s all. More tomorrow. We’re actually doing a ton of fun stuff, and I’ll try to take more video too. Good night, guys 😉