Day 316: Maui Day Eight

Day 316: Maui Day Eight

Today was another entirely “Maui” day.

We woke up a little late, which was glorious of course. We’d scheduled breakfast with the parents in the late morning, so there was no rush. Just my kind of morning. We went to this french-ish cafe in Kihei and had a sassy-pants server. BUT, the food was pretty damn good (at least mine was, the Ho wasn’t crazy about hers), and parents got along like gangbusters.

You never really know how those meals are going to go, you know? With the in-laws and your own parents. Two sets of people that by every right have no obligation to get along. But, they did. Swimmingly. Not that the meal was any sort of test, really. It was simply that it was our last full day in Maui and we both wanted to spend some time with our respective parents, not something we’d really been able to do much before or after the wedding. And, what better way to do that then have both pairs of them together? It was a genuinely wonderful breakfast. Minus Mr. Sassy-pants waiter.

Then, the Ho and I gobbled up the Cooper for a full afternoon at the beach. I was a fish today. I’ve never been one to spend any real amount of time swimming in the ocean. It’s always too salty and too cold. Not this time. The water was INCREDIBLE. Nicer than the pool at our freaking hotel. So warm. And, the waves were super gentle, with the sandy beach extending way out into the surf and staying less than five feet or so deep.

I was in the water almost the whole time. I did go on a brief walk with the Coops down to the other end and back, and then we had a couple running sessions, which he really seemed to enjoy. But the vast majority of the time, I spent in the water. Ali and Julianna showed up with boogie boards, and I took it upon myself to fling my body at as many breaking waves as I could get my torso on in an attempt to learn how to actually boogie board. Harder than it looks, guys. But, it was really freaking fun. Ali even went out into the water and swam for an extended period of time.

After that, it was off to the Andaz for some drinks. We’d considered crashing the pool, but opted not to, choosing instead to stroll down the beach. Beautiful. Then we met Ryan and his girlfriend at the lounge bar at the top pool and had a drink with them before leaving to take care of the Coops and then get our asses out the door for dinner reservations on the other side of the island.

Dinner was at Merriman’s, another of the “almost” wedding locations. Holy crap the food was amazing. Better than yesterday, I think. And only because it was just slightly more traditional kinds of food, which I think are my favorites. That was an amazing dinner. We talked about life, getting married, growing together, what makes a healthy relationship, and where we currently stand in our own lives on all of the above. The restaurant was right on the beach, and we were outside on the lanai. Gorgeous.

And, now, I am freaking tired. It’s the combination of the sun and the knowing that tomorrow we’ll be flying out. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Coops looks like he feels the same way. The beach really tuckered him out today, which is adorable. He was so freaking cute. We got to have him off-leash, which was really nice. Very dog-friendly island here, once you actually GET the dogs on the island.

So yeah…that’s all for tonight. Hope you enjoy the video for today, it was gorgeous scenery. These video blog entries will continue for the rest of the month, in case you didn’t know that already. I have to say, I really do enjoy doing them, just like I enjoyed the “daily instagram” photo back a couple months ago. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Right.

I can’t keep my eyes open, for reals. It’s time for night night!