Day 320: Birthday Boy

Day 320: Birthday Boy

A pretty ho-hum birthday, guys. I don’t usually plan anything on my birthday, just kind of take it easy, but this one was even more low-key than most.

Blame it on the wedding.

I am just pooped. Past two weeks have really taken it out of me. I took two naps today, and I still feel exhausted sitting here tonight. The traveling and the planning, and the money, and the stress…all that has me feeling pretty much wiped out.

I did go buy myself some workout pants for when I’m editing at home. That was nice. And a replacement desk lamp. I can scratch those two things off my list. I wrote that list today, the list of things that I either need or want. On that list is an office chair. Still. I’ve needed one for like two years. I’ll get myself one someday 😛

There are a few lists that I need to get written out. I feel very discombobulated. Scattered here and there since everything was dropped to take care of the wedding. Goals. Timelines for work and writing. A general plan for next year. Money situation. All that stuff. Still needs to be figured out. In fact, I might take another day on Monday just to get myself figured out. We’ll see. Maybe not. I’m not sure. The best thing for my psyche will be to just bite the bullet and work Monday-Tuesday.

And ya, I just took a look and I have a plan for the rest of the year. It’s totally do-able. Even with taking off two weeks for Christmas and New Years. That’s really where I’m at now: what can I get done before the year is finished. My novel’s first draft, my spec script polished, and hopefully one more rough draft on a new spec. Those are the writing goals. Lofty as they may be, still totally reachable. Especially with the 3-pages-a-day goal. SO doable!

Anyway, more on that tomorrow. I’ve just now decided that’s the goal all day tomorrow. To map out exactly what my goals are, and when they’re going to happen.

We’re also meeting another dog tomorrow. His name is Marley and the Ho met him today at the Grove. We’ve been looking at maybe getting another dog, but we knew we had to wait until after the wedding to do so (can’t take another dog to Hawaii). Well…this is the first time Liz has been out and about and she’s already spotted a potential puppy-friend for the Coops. I’m thinking this shit is going down sometime soon for reals. We’ll see.

That’s all for tonight. Not very Birthday-ish, but hey. It’s where I’m at. Good night!