Today's Track - "Caldera" by Recondite

Today’s Track – “Caldera” by Recondite

Ummm…yes, please.

The current top track on the techno charts (and yes, techno the specific sub-genre…the stuff that still sounds like it came from Detroit…not the blanket-term for “nnnttsss nnnnttssss”), and I can freaking see why. This track would open my set TONIGHT if I were still out there playing.

Recondite is Bavarian, and rather new to the scene, actually. Since 2011 from my five-minute-research. I’ve never heard of him. But his shit is sick. Melodic and heavy techno all at the same time. Color me impressed.

This kind of track is a slow burn, guys. It’s about setting the mood. It doesn’t have a big drop, or going to blow your roof off. It’s not meant to do that. It’s meant to set a mood.

Oh, and it’s brand new. Two weeks old. Boom.

It sounds like deep space.