Day 328: Sunday Funday

Day 328: Sunday Funday

Open house this morning. A little slower than I’d hoped overall, but still gave away a fair amount of applications. We’ll see if we get any bites from any of those.

One guy I met was actually a neighbor, living in the building right behind us which was cool. It’s always good to know your neighbors, you know? He (obviously) wasn’t looking for an apartment, but his mom was and it would be perfect to have her in the next building over.

We have a houseguest! Stephen is up from San Diego staying in our den/workout room. He just finished grad school, and he’s up in LA for the week (?) doing his showcase for agents and managers. Then he’s off to NYC next week to do the showcase out there. The Ho and I are going to see it tomorrow. It’s at the Falcon theatre in Burbank, which I’ve always wanted to check out. I used to drive past it all the time when we lived over closer to that area.

I genuinely enjoy having houseguests. It’s easy for us to do these days, given the size of our apartment and that fact that we have an extra room that we can fit a blow-up mattress in and throw some curtains across the french doors. Plus, the hallway bathroom is available for them to use as a guest bathroom. It’s like they have their own whole wing of the house. It’s cool. It’s easy. And, we get to have someone we like around for a few days to talk about stuff, and hang out.

I didn’t get any work done over the weekend, which isn’t the best thing in the world given that last Friday left me so far behind from dealing with other things. I’m still feeling burned out, and even more importantly, very disconnected from my writing goals. And really everything in general. Tomorrow, I’m vowing to get some narrations done, but that’s it. It will be a day off otherwise. The Ho and I need to go to the bank. Oh, and I want to work on the writing. Setting up my specific day-to-day goals for the next two weeks.

I need a couple days to reset, and I just haven’t felt like things have stopped spinning enough to do that. These vacancies in our building, plus having been gone for two weeks and all that follow-up, and then the three days of inspection shenanigans last week really put things over the top. With the new pup, too. I need a few days. I might even take THREE this week. We’ll see. I can get in a few hours of editing here and there so I don’t get too far behind. It’s all still very muddled in my head right now, so I think before I go to sleep, I’m going to look at my calendar and figure it out on my phone before I sleep. Probably do more of that tomorrow, too.

Night, guys. Wish me luck!