Day 329: Coordinates and heading

Day 329: Coordinates and heading

It is starting to change in recent years, but for so long three-dimensionality was something largely ignored by space sci fi. Probably because display graphics just weren’t sophisticated enough (or too expensive) and you couldn’t really show a particular destination in three dimensions of space…but still.

Think about it…there are stars lightyears BELOW us. Or, directly ABOVE us, straight out from the north pole. Hundreds of thousands of them, I’d wager. But yet, whenever we see our planet receding away from us from the viewport or screen of a starship, it’s always right side up, north to south, and pulling back behind us as we move out along the same plane that our earth circles the sun. One direction. Always.

I have a heading today. I’ve decided what I need. I need some time off, and I need to get some writing done. Done on my pilot script before I launch back into full-blown editing work and writing the rest of my novel. So, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Most of the writing work that needs to happen is actually with my outline. Tightening up EXACTLY what this next draft is going to be, slugline by slugline, intentions and obstacles for every character in the scene, packing in as much clear conflict and point of view as I possibly can. That will happen for two or three of the days this week. It’s happening tomorrow.

I’m also going to have a day this week where I do absolutely nothing. Not sure which day that will be, but it shall be glorious. I’ll read. Watch some movies I’ve recorded on the DVR. Hang out with Liz and the pups. Get lunch. Probably watch a baseball game. Take a nap. Have a REAL day off.

I’m *also* going to play a full round of golf. I’ll probably mix that with some writing in the morning, then go play, and then take a nap. I’m talking a freaking VACATION. A *staycation*.

I will get *some* work done editing-wise on each of these days. A little here and there to mop up what I have left from last week. And, don’t get me wrong, it WILL hurt in the pocket book at the end of the year, taking this full week off. If it ends up being a full week. It might only be three days. We’ll see. But, I freaking need it. Big time. I haven’t done it all year. It’s just been little bits and pieces here and there. Which have totally been fine. In fact, I *could* just do that here this week. I might still. But, I’m leaving open the option of enjoying this entire week and weekend. Because I am a little burned out. And that burned-outness will just continue for the next, like, two weeks before I finally get my shit together…when I could just have my shit together next week.

We went and saw our friend Stephen’s showcase tonight, which was awesome. There was legitimately some good stuff there, and it all made the Ho and I reminisce about college, and what it is that we’ve forgotten since then, and what it is that we’ve learned. Stephen was great, which is no surprise. We saw him get a couple cards, too. Get it son.

Then, we came home, watched the A’s beat the Angels which is all just for the glory at this point since LA wrapped up winning the division a couple days ago. BUT…if, IF…and it’s a huuuuuge if…if the A’s have managed to *finally* get their shit together, there’s a decent chance that the A’s and Angels will square off in the Division Series in a week and a half. And, with that in mind, these next couple games are very interesting indeed. But, seriously…I’m still not holding my breath, guys, unless this team gets that far. And, to be perfectly frank, I’ve totally lost faith that they’d even succeed if they DO get that far. We’re a totally different team than we were. Perhaps not as bad as we’ve played the past five weeks, but still…not the team that we were to start the season. THAT team I would have shouted from the rooftops was going to go further than anyone was willing to give them credit. THIS team, that we have right now…I don’t know. I honestly don’t know who they are. Could they catch magic and run the table? Sure. They could also waste solid pitching and lose the wildcard game 3-2 or 1-0…OR finally score some runs, only to have one bad inning in the 7th and lose 5-3. So yeah…I’ll believe it when I see it. It was nice to SEE tonight the A’s beat up on the Angels.

Oh, and then we watched “Now you see me” which is that magician heist movie from last year. I’d had it recorded for a couple weeks now, but never had the chance to watch it, and the Ho put it on. And we watched it together, totally impromptu. I love that stuff. When we decide to do something spontaneous together. The dogs were both very cuddly through the whole evening, too, and so we watched with both of them on the couch for most of it. Fun movie. It had some issues deciding what kind of movie it was, and what it wanted to say or make the audience feel…but in the end it was an adventure. And that’s all that mattered. It was FUN. I liked it.

That’s all for tonight, y’al. I have my day all planned out tomorrow. Lots of writer-y things to do. And get a haircut. Exciting!