Day 333: All Apartment Building All The Time

Day 333: All Apartment Building All The Time

My life lately has been the building. Sooooo much stuff happening all at once. Hopefully have the top floor unit rented tomorrow. Nice couple, and they seem to really love it. Put a lot of effort into applying. I’m hoping these two sign the lease. We’ll see.

I’d planned to get writing done today. That didn’t happen. But, we did get Coco Snugs officially adopted at Lucky Puppy. We’d gone there wanting to get her microchipped, but we *just* missed the people that were there that day doing the micro-chipping. Still, we got our paperwork and a new doggy tag with her name and our phone numbers on it, so we’re official.

I really don’t have a lot to write about today 😛 And, that’s a shame given that it’s a special-numbered day today! 333! Three threes. That won’t happen again, meaning special like that with the number of the numbers, for another…4,111 days. Which would get us to Day 4444, four fours. 4,111 days is…11 years, 3 months, and 4 days. Man, if I’m still writing a daily consecutive blog in 11 years I’ll be pretty damn proud of myself. AND wordpress for sticking around for that long 😛

So, we RELISH this special day of days!

We’re almost a month away from hitting the one-year mark on the blog. Now, THAT’s truly crazy. I wouldn’t have though it would last this long all the way back near the end of October of last year. It wasn’t the plan, per se. I just knew that I wanted to commit to something like this, an outlet for myself, on a daily basis for SOME period of time. 60 days was the challenge that a friend of mine did, and that sounded maybe cool. I honestly, at the time, would have settled for 30 days to be honest. I didn’t have hardly ANY structure in my life at that point in time. I’d just quit my restaurant job of 7 years, and I’d just barely found consistency with my editing work. That was the major victory of last year. This year, it will be having WRITTEN. Which is what shall happen tomorrow and Sunday.

I have a script that’s ready for another draft to spill out. I *think* all the hard work has been done on it. We’ll see. I have no idea if the draft will be good, but at the very least it will no longer be meandering and over-long. It’ll be focused and compact.

I balanced the checkbook today. I spent $6,500 on our wedding I figured out today. That’s the final tally. Oof. It completely cleaned out my savings, I realized tonight too. I owe a bit more in taxes than I thought, but once again, I have *just* enough left in my savings to just pay it off. Which, I will next month. But, the savings are nonexistant at this point. Wah-wah. It’s really okay. I don’t have another massive freaking expense on the books that is going to drain the savings that I make over the next 3 to 6 to 9 months. THOSE savings, along with the Ho’s, can go straight into REAL savings. We do want to take a trip next year after pilot season, but even if it’s later on and we just go back to Maui for a few days for our anniversary, I think we’ll be happy with that. Who know? It will depend on how much the two of us make over the next 6 months or so.

So…all of that is to say, I was definitely bummed to realize that my savings have been cleared out completely. I’d really piled some money in there. BUT…I needed to have it to actually, you know, PAY for things, and now I’m starting even again, not behind, and the “savings” I make starting with my next paycheck will actually BE positive savings. It’s a clean slate, at least. I’m not in the hole. That’s a huge achievement after being actually broke for so long.

I just took like a 30 minute sidebar to walk out Kristen and Arg, who were over hanging out with Liz and watching Project Runway and Scandal, like they do on Fridays. Or Kristen and Liz, anyway. Having Argeesht over was a bonus. He got off work at a decent time, so he came over. Then, I ate a bagel and now I have the Coco on my lap. She’s seriously one of the sweetest and most cuddly dogs I’ve ever met. Love her to pieces already.

Okay, NOW that’s it for tonight. More tomorrow, kids. After some serious writing gets done!


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