Day 336: Baby Back

Day 336: Baby Back

I’m back, baby.

Now…today wasn’t *completely* a resounding success in terms of the sheer volume of work that got accomplished…BUT. Work was done, and it was GOOD work.

It started with a break-through on my pilot. Fixing an early scene that was pretty exposed as being questionable when I went through my outline with the Ho. It also made rewriting this particular scene super clear and easy. I told Liz earlier, it may not be a *good* scene yet, but it’s a *clear* scene, and I hope a scene that works. It felt good, in any event. It felt like a step forward.

So yeah…I start back up on the novel exactly a week from today. And, I’d *like* to have another draft done on the pilot script in addition to the current draft that’s being pooped out. At least a pass on what I wrote, maybe not another full draft per se, but a good two or three days of reading and tweaking. That hinges, for sure, on how tomorrow and Wednesday go in terms of me being able to focus on work.

Then, I hit the Final Cut Pro for some editing. Actually, that’s not quite true…I recorded voice-overs first, banged almost all of those out in an hour. Then had some maintenance work with the unit we’ve just rented, followed by almost an hour of emailing and phone calls for the massive list I had for apartment stuff (seriously, it’s out of control how busy this freaking building is right now), and then I had lunch. Oh, and I went to the grocery store during half my lunch break. Not something I like to do per se, pack an excursion into what should be a breath of air, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Then, it was down to the office to drop some stuff off…and THEN…finally then, I got to sit down and start my editing work for the day. It took me a half hour or so of putzing around and being scatterbrained, not one of my favorite qualities, mind you, but once I got locked in, I was locked in. Work went pretty quickly.

Tomorrow, I want to be even better. Get even more done. I have a goal, and I’d like to meet it. The Ho is helping out with apartment showing stuff which is so freaking helpful I can’t even tell you, and I don’t see anything else on the books except for a normal day of work…until 5pm, that is 😛 At 5pm is the A’s wild card game. The upside? I really honestly think I can get all my work done BEFORE that game. Including writing. That’s the plan. Wish me luck 😉

Till tomorrow young squires!