Day 341: Game Night

Day 341: Game Night

I just got back from game night at Vince’s. Vince is the Ho’s manager, whom I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with in passing a mere handful of times. This was the first time I’d ever been able to actually socialize with him and his group of regulars for any significant amount of time, and it was absolutely lovely. His wife Pamela was exceedingly gracious, they’re both great fun, and the guests were likewise fun.

Jered, Liz’s main point person at the office made lasagna. A family recipe, in fact. There was wine, conversation, chocolate cake, and most importantly, a rousing game of Catch Phrase.

Catch Phrase is that hand-held electronic game with a beeping timer where you have a word and you need to get your teammates to say that specific word (or phrase) before the timer goes off. If your team gets it right, you pass it to the person next to you who is on the OTHER team, and then they have to do the same thing with the same goal: don’t be the one holding the game with the timer goes off. It’s great fun, Liz and I have played it at home several times, and it’s something that Vince and Pam do at their house I think every month. It was a lot of fun.

I didn’t really get any writing done today, and that was for two reasons. First, a lot of apartment stuff came up today, the fallout being that *hopefully* we have our last vacancy filled. It’s not done until someone signs and gives the check, but we’re close to that very thing happening tomorrow morning. Second, I’m just feeling very frustrated with where I’m at with this pilot.

I’ll spare the details, which I’ve already blogged about in rather scatter-brained fashion, and sum it up by saying I’m just not where I wanted to be with this story. There’s still a ton of stuff to figure out, and it’s still not in a shape to show to other people…and all that means more time spent working on it.

It is what it is. I’m trying to be at peace with it. The goal tomorrow remains the same: finish this draft.

Tomorrow, Coco gets her stitches out on her tummy from her getting fixed. That’s exciting. She’s still not playing with the Coops, but she’s playing with Liz and I, so that’s good. Means that she’s bonding with us, at the very least. Hopefully Coops follows shortly behind that. It’s the same deal, it takes trust. Coops doesn’t trust her yet, and she feels the same. They’re still figuring each other out. They are walking together perfectly now, though. Shoulder to shoulder. It’s freaking adorable. Coco looooooovvveessssss to go on walks. She gets so freaking excited, she’s literally running and bounding when we first start.

So, tomorrow shall be a writing day. I’m vowing that here and now, and I’m just going to have fun with the rest of this script. This draft. Commit to what I planned, and live inside of that. I think I needed today to just keep it at arms length. And, who knows? It may be more quickly fixable than it seems right now. And, if not, that will ultimately be okay too. Everything will come in its time.

That is all for tonight my lovelies. I hope you too have game nights every so often in your lives. They really are so much fun.