Day 346: Eighty Nine

Day 346: Eighty Nine

I shot an 89 today at the Woodley Lakes golf course down the street in Encino. I broke 90. That’s pretty freaking amazing for me. By FAR the best round I have played in a very, very long time. I used to be able to get scores in the upper 80s to low 90s back in the day, but not since I decided to pick the sport up again two years ago. Well, that shit happened today, and it was glorious.

I really think the difference is playing 18 holes, as opposed to playing the par-3s or even the executive 9-hole course in Van Nuys. 18 full holes is a totally different ball-game. Literally.

My main weakness continues to be shots in the rough or even the fairway that are in excess of 180 yards. That, and my chipping today was horrendous. Putting was pretty good, actually, and my drives are definitely improving by LEAPS and bounds. I *crushed* some drives today. Had some shitty ones too…but I only had to take one drop. All day. ONE DROP. And, I lost NO BALLS. Played the same ball all day. It was freaking awesome.

Came home, had some food, hung out for a bit with the Ho and the pups, and then retired into the bedroom to get some writing done. Instead, I took a really really late nap. For about 20 minutes. But, still. A nap. Then hung out with the Ho and the pups a little more, and theeennnn finally was feeling alert enough to bang out my pages. Which, I did.

It was a nice day. Started with a bunch of apartment duties and some other errands. Ended with golf and writing. A wonderful day. Tomorrow is a lazy day, and I can’t freaking wait. It, likewise, is gonna be awesome.

Now, before bed, I need to eat something a little more, take a shower, shave my beard, and then snuggle into bed for some reading. Sounds dope.

Life is good!