Day 352: So close...

Day 352: So close…

I’m probably one hour away from finishing this pilot. I just don’t know if I have it in me tonight. I’m feeling zombified. Actually, quite like I’m right on the edge of a tall cliff, and I’m just not quite leaping off of it. So, I’m taking a break to write this. See if I’m really out of gas, or if I’m just putting off grinding through what CAN be finished. I’m thinking it’s the latter, which just makes me that much more frustrated.

This draft still will need a good solid pass, or two, before it’s ready for consumption by another pair of eyes. And, it’s getting there. Little by little. The plot is much stripped-down, but still has some fun spectacle to it. Simplified, but *hopefully* still containing enough material and questions without answers that make the reader want more. I just hope I’m not re-convoluting it. It’s also rewriting scenes that have these bits and pieces from a previous draft that I really loved, but now need changing, or rearranging. Imagine putting together a puzzle, and then taking it apart and rearranging the same pieces in a different way. It’s exhausting work.

I didn’t get anything ELSE done today except the grocery shopping. But, those were enough. And, I’d really like to finish this draft. I really would. Okay…that’s where I’m headed right now. If the blog ends here tonight, just know that’s what I’m working on.

I’m back, it’s 1:45, and this draft is done. Well, written. It needs work still, some things added and subtracted here and there, which I can do over the next several days. But, it is WRITTEN. I’m not happy with it yet…so I’m not quite feeling the usual rush. It’s a bit of a let-down, and I don’t think it bodes well…but we’ll see. I need to READ the thing first. Perhaps that will help.

Night, bitches!