Day 353: The first play

Day 353: The first play

It’s definitely fall. The weather has turned, and the days are getting shorter. More than that, it’s the angle of the sun. There’s just not as much light. I never really noticed that when I was younger, I think, because we just got so much less sun in general up in Humboldt. Down here in LA the change seems much more dramatic.

It’s a melancholy change for me. The shorter days really do bother me, especially when we go off daylight savings time and it’s dark at 5pm. Having a dog to walk has made me acutely aware of that these past couple years. We have to leave the house by 4:30 in order to get back before dark. 4:30! That’s ridiculous! Especially when just two months earlier, we were leaving at 7 for a walk and getting home at 8pm. It’s a two-hour swing that turns into a 3-hour swing with stupid time changes, and it feels like in the blink of an eye.

Yes. I am ranting against mother nature and Benjamin Franklin. It’s come to this.

Coops and Coco played together today for the very first time. Coops has definitely been ready to play for a couple weeks now, but Coco has remained aloof. Well, that all went out the window today. I’d noticed that she really likes hanging out in the Den area, which is our currently-unused gym, whenever I open it to grab a tool and go do some building maintenance. She’s always coming out from there when I walk back in, and she’s always very high energy and frisky. Today, that turned into a play-wrestle-festival with the Coops.

Why is it such a big deal? Dogs play all the time! Yes, they do…but Coops and Coco hadn’t yet. She’d been very playful for quite a while with both Liz and I, but not with Cooper. He’d try to engage with her, and she’d shut down. I honestly wasn’t sure that they ever *would* play together. Which would have been fine. Not all dogs get along like that. But, dogs playing together is just one of the greatest signs that your pack is getting along and bonding, and so when they did today, I was very happy 🙂 Coops and Coco are turning into best buds. It just takes time. And Liz and I forcing them to love each other. Lots of that, too.

Work was pathetic for me today. I got 6 minutes done. That’s 14 minutes short of my goal. I woke up late because my night was so late last night, there was quite a bit of building work to be done today, and then I got sucked into some financial stuff, and it got topped off with just being too distractible. I’m fighting it all right now, I’m in the trenches and currently losing the battle. BUT.

But…I’m going to have a great day tomorrow. I feel quite confident about that, actually. No distractions scheduled, and any that come up will be relegated appropriately. I’m gonna get 24 minutes done tomorrow. AND my writing. Mark my words. It will happen. I’m going to go schedule it out right now, read for a few minutes, and then the sleepies.

Tomorrow will make up for today. And so will the day after that. It’s go time.