Day 354: Almost there

Day 354: Almost there

The journaling of Ira’s work-life continues 😛

I had such high hopes for today…and had to settle for “just enough.” There were a couple fires today that needed to be put out with the apartment building, figuratively speaking of course, no *actual* fires. That would be a freaking nightmare. But it hijacked half my day.

But, then I rocked the second half of my day and got a full complement of work done. Plus my writing, and I *liked* what I wrote. And the Ho was even able to get the office time to get HER work done. So…all in all? It was a successful day. Not what I wanted, but I have to take it.

I realize I said this exact same thing yesterday, but this time it will actually happen: I’m going to ROCK tomorrow on the work front. 24 minutes of finished product. That’s the goal. And to stay on-time for the entire day. No distractions. Not gonna happen tomorrow.

To prove it, I’m ending this blog early. Good night, guys. More thoughts tomorrow, and hopefully a beat-but-satisfied Ira at the keyboard.