Day 357: Flu shots and what nots

Day 357: Flu shots and what nots

Man, today was a weeeiiirrrdddd day.

I’m feeling that rather acutely at the moment because the Ho and I just spend the last two hours watching The Wolf of Wall Street, or at least the first two hours of it. It’s a three hour movie. It’s a freaking trip. No joke. Cocaine and Hookers, guys. For three hours. Well, it’s not ALL cocaine. There are plenty of other drugs, but you get the idea.

It’s a funny movie. It’s a guys’ guy movie. Which isn’t to say that women won’t enjoy watching it. It’s so far past offensive that you kind of shrug your shoulders and move on after the first 20 minutes or so. No, I mean it’s a *testosterone* movie. And everything that comes with that; lewd behavior, horribly offensive language and discussions, desperate people. In other words, it’s a Marty Scorsese movie.

I’m honestly not the hugest Scorsese fan. I don’t own any of his movies, and I don’t sit around wishing that I could make my own like his. But. BUT. The guy is a genius. I mean, he really is. He drives straight into that come-up-from-nothing soul of America, and he puts it on screen. His characters do horrible, hilarious, and violent things, but they are US. It’s fantasy, what he does. What we all play in our heads at some point. He puts it on screen. So I get it.

Anyway. We haven’t finished the movie yet. It’s very entertaining, but it’s definitely a time-warp kind of experience. It was a trippy way to end an otherwise trippy kind of day. In a good way! I’m amazed at how much stuff I got done today!

We got up early and we to get our free flu shots from Equity. They have a new-ish building in NoHo. Very nice. Low rent, I’m sure. And they do this once a year, give out free flu shots. So, we did it. Then, we went to eat breakfast at one of our old NoHo haunts, EAT. It was delicious. Then we ran a couple other errands, and got home to the wiggly excited pup-pups.

We were both tired, and it was an “off-day” for both of us, so we went back to bed! Ahhhhhh. So nice. We never freaking get to do that any more. We both keep ourselves too busy to be lazy bed bums. But, not today. I read for a while, I’m just about to finish Old Man’s War, and so did Liz. Then, we both took a nap for about an hour. Nothing crazy 😛

I was up after that and ate some food, and then I started cleaning. Did the laundry, which Liz helped with, I vacuumed the house, swept the floors, opened the windows to kinda air everything out. It was awesome. And, I mean that. I always feel so accomplished when I clean. Makes me feel like everything is in order. Then, I went grocery shopping, and bam. It was 8:30 at night. I knew all day I wanted to pop in Wolf at some point. I have it from Netflix on Blu ray, so I try not to keep them for too long. But, I knew it was 3 hours, which meant I had to turn it off 2/3 of the way through. But, whatevs. Liz was going to go do some work in the office, but the movie was good enough to suck her in and we watched together.

So yeah. All in all, it was a really great day. Tomorrow, it’s back to work for three straight days. So, on that note. I turn in. Didn’t get writing done today. But it will happen tomorrow. I can live with that as long at it’s true, and it will be. So, adieu. Good night. Till tomorrow.

I’m still so sucked in by that movie, I feel like I’m writing tonight’s blog in a Long Island accent.