Day 359: Workin' on the Railroad

Day 359: Workin’ on the Railroad

I’m writing this one late tonight.

A function of getting *slightly* behind on my hourly editing schedule, and then deciding to watch a whole episode of “Cesar 911” with the bear whilst I ate my pasta dinner. Mmmm pastaaaa.

Cesar Milan, y’all, is a genius. Seriously. Dude knows what he’s talking about. Has taught me so much about dogs and the way they think and why they act the way that they do. And LIFE. I’ve talked about that on here before, but my dogs really do teach me about how to live my life. Calm and assertive. That’s what a leader does, and what are we if not the leaders of our own lives. Ideally, anyway.

Got the writing done, got the editing done, minus about 40 seconds, but again, that’s insignificant. If I’m making up 2 minutes of editing during my two off-days, that’s a win.

I’m finally *finally* starting to get rolling. Took a couple rounds, but here I am. Getting shit done 🙂

Ya, that’s all I got. I watched some more Voyager. There was a line (and they especially stand out because I’m usually only listening, after all) that went something like “an unauthorized launch from the shuttle bay” that made me think about sharting. Yes, I am a five year old. I did a lot of math graphics today for work. I replaced a few lightbulbs and talked a coworker down from going mental on another coworker…well, not “talked down,” they did that on their own really. More like “sympathized-with.”

That was my day. And now, that’s my blog post. Hopefully more interesting stuff or thoughts tomorrow. Today was work, and tomorrow will be more of the same. Plus, I always try to plug away a little longer on the third and final days. See if I can make up for some of the slipped time over the previous two.

Anyway. See you on the flip. Hope your day was a nice one! 🙂