Day 360: Breakin through

Day 360: Breakin through

It was one of those struggles today. There were distractions galore, and I was just *tired*. It definitely happens at the end of each of these three day binges of workiness. Ya, workiness. I just made up a word.

So much sass tonight. It comes from the tiredness.

I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m exhausted yet. That hasn’t happened. But, tired? Yes.

I’m writing this on my new keyboard, and it seems like it will take some getting used to. They’ve redone their layout from last time around, Belkin has, and it’s a little different. The keys, however, are much higher quality on this case. They’ve have better “action” to them, feel more like a real keyboard.

In other new, I have to send it back already for another one. It’s supposed to be able to turn on in a certain configuration, and it won’t. It’s honestly not a configuration that I would really use all that much, but I just got it, right? It should work out of the box like it says it’s supposed to, otherwise you already have a dysfunctional piece of equipment and it’s brand new.

But yeah…despite all the extracurriculars, I got a full day’s worth of work done. Bam! No writing today, alas, but I allow myself to do that on these last days of the work binge. So as not to fall too far behind.

Another building inspection coming next week. This time with my supervisor coming. Ugh, is all I can say. And I’d bet for her too. This is three four inspections now in the past two and a half months. That’s more than I’ve had in the last three full years of watching this building. The owner must be doing something with the bank. I’m not privy to such concerns 😛 nor should I be.

Anyway, it’s another rather short one tonight. Tomorrow, I have some catch-up editing work to do, just a couple hours, and then some script writing to attend to. Wish me luck! Oh, and novel writing. I’m *not* falling behind on that. Not when I’m actually so close to reaching that tipping point of rolling down the hill to the finish line.

Good night peeps! See you tomorrow.