Day 362: Stomping Grounds

Day 362: Stomping Grounds

Tonight, the Ho and I went down to Fullerton in Orange County to see our friend Gary’s play. It was the musical Ragtime, a broadway show from the late Nineties.

It was well done. Legitimately. The leads were all wonderful, Gary included, and really the only issues that we had with the show had to do with its book. Some stuff that didn’t make sense, and there was kind of this overall “I’m going to state my feelings now!” default that all the story-telling went towards. But, the music was very decent, and it was all very well performed. It was also a three-hour show, which is never a good idea. But, again, at least we were watching talented people on stage not butchering anything.

Apparently, they used all the original costumes from the broadway show. The production value was quite good, albeit on a much smaller stage, I’m sure. I heard someone say that the sets were from the revival.

I didn’t grow up with musicals in the house. My mom really only ever like The Sound of Music. But, certainly nothing broadway. She’s still never even been to New York, actually. Or, I think, the east coast in general. But they weren’t a part of my story-telling world when I was younger, musicals. And, they are actually quite an acquired taste. Take it from an outsider. The type of story-telling is very stylized and specific, and it takes some getting used-to.

Another day today of just feeling very very tired. It needs to not happen tomorrow, since tomorrow *must* be a successful work day. Monday, we’re heading down to Disneyland. Tuesday is an inspection in the morning and then a friend in town, and then he’s in town for the next couple days, which means I won’t have time for any extra make-up work on the off-days. So…yeah, tomorrow needs to be a full day of work.

That means it’s off to bed for me. Sleepy times.

It was odd being back down in Fullerton. Seeing those streets again, which I haven’t seen for 7 years now. Seven years! No, make that EIGHT years. So much has changed in my life since then, and yet Fullerton looks the same. Exactly the same. And, the people down there look the same. We didn’t get the chance to drop by the school campus. I bet that looks pretty different. But…I bet it *feels* the same. Working at a college must be kind of like living in a time warp. There will always be students. Your life moves along, as lives do, but the campus still feels the same. Young people looking to learn.

Poor panda just ate an apple before bed that *said* it was organic, but now she’s getting all totally itchy from eating it, which means it was NOT organic. Something in the pesticides that are used in the non-organic stuff always makes her super itchy. Not a fun situation right before bed.

Anyway. Yes. Bed time. More thoughts tomorrow. Who knows what they’ll be, I certainly have no idea 😛