Day 367: Birdman, etc.

Day 367: Birdman, etc.

Not devoting an entire blog entry tonight to this early Oscar-contender, but I will give it a nod in the title because it was quite good.

First off, I went into this movie knowing *literally* nothing about it. No idea what the premise was, who was even in it until it started and I was like “oh, yeah! I did know that Michael Keaton was in this!”…I knew nothing. That rarely happens. It was kinda cool.

It’s quite a high-concept piece, very much along the lines of Black Swan, and I thought that movie was brilliant. Birdman wasn’t quite as brilliant as that flick, but it *is* rather brilliant in its own right. Michael Keaton is an aging hollywood movie star trying to finally do something “right” by starring in a broadway play that he also wrote.

Around that desperation and madness are a cast of characters equally searching for answers…I mean, it’s really a straight-up navel-gazing look at being an actor, or really just an artist in general. The high-concept aspect comes into play as Keaton has conversations with a voice in his head is his most famous movie role “Birdman,” a superhero from 20 years ago. Um, can we all collectively say “Batman” together?

Also, and this is hands-down the most impressive aspect of the movie…it’s all done in one take. Okay…not quite *literally* one take, they used technology to cheat the look…but it does LOOK like it’s one continuous 2-hour long take. The result of this daring choice is an intensely fly-on-the-wall feeling to what we’re watching…which is precisely what theater is, isn’t it? Intimate. Close.

Ed Norton is particularly fantastic as one of those “do anything to find truth on stage” kind of actors…if you didn’t go through theater school or have done theater, he’ll just come off as a narcissistic dick. Which is exactly what those “kind” of actors are 😛 Michael Keaton, also, is phenomenal in a role that is most certainly a very close-to-home version of himself. Obviously, Michael Keaton is NOT his character…but you can tell he was able to add many aspects of himself into a role that was written to fit him (if not literally written for him).

It’s a good movie. I had a few issues here and there, it wasn’t always seamless, but it was definitely a movie that I’d recommend. Especially to my artist friends.

Ryan and I also got to go out and play golf today, which was really nice. I played a round of 102 which is one of the poorer performances I’ve turned in recently. But, at the end of the day, it really take a back seat to just enjoying being outside.

I also potentially have a lead on a new job, which I really hope works out. I *think* it would pay well, and it’s for a much bigger company than I’m currently doing contract work with. Also, I don’t think it will be very consistent to start with, and I can still do my other contract work with Remilon. We’ll see what happens. I’m excited about it. And nervous. But, mostly excited.

Okay, it’s now 1am, and I have to get up in the morning. More tomorrow, and I’m back on a regular schedule, writing and all. Get back to my routine. Finish this year off nice and strong. Good night!