Day 371: Head full of steam

Day 371: Head full of steam

That’s what I had going into today. There were places to go and people to see, and it was all going to stop around 11am so I could sit down and bang out a solid day of editing work, which is what I get paid to do after all…

…it was not meant to be.

Holy crap, today was just about the longest, busiest day of apartment building work I’ve ever had. And yes, I could have snuck in about 3 hours of editing work today and tonight…and I didn’t. I opted instead to run some personal errands, and then to spend an extra hour with the Ho so we could finish watching Saving Mr. Banks together.

The movie was wonderful. What I was left with the most was a particularly well-written monologue about the role of story-tellers. How we, as story tellers get to write our own endings, forgive those who deserve forgiveness, and give them a better lot than life may have given them. We get to write happy endings along with the truths of life. We get to make people happy. So, so very often we forget that fact it seems. Especially these days. In the earliest days, all stories seemed to have a happy ending. Except, perhaps, gangster films. Now, it’s only the tentpole popcorn fare that seem to have genuinely happy endings. We’ve swung the pendulum almost entirely the other direction.

I like happy endings. They have their place. They are important. As are hope, and kindness. I will always have Star Trek and the Hardy Boys to thank for that. That you can do anything you set your mind to.

Well, tonight, I am setting my mind to a full work day tomorrow. It’s going to be difficult, you guys. I know it going in. But I can make it happen. I can. Distractions be damned.

Unless it’s like today was, and there’s a genuine emergency that I have no control over. But, those are rare, and I have a good chance of not running into one.

That’s all for tonight. I have some pages to write 😉