Day 372: Good Fortune and Hard Work

Day 372: Good Fortune and Hard Work

Today was a success. A full work day. Now I just need to string several of them together, huh?

It was a combination of putting my head down and not getting distracted, and some good fortune in that a couple easy lessons made themselves available. I feel good, at least, in that I really am working hard. The pedal is (nearly) to the metal.

I’m entering into this area of Voyager where I’ve never actually watched any of the episodes. Actually, it’s been like that for about a week now, but I was just very much aware of it today. I can still leave them on in the background while I work and not get too distracted. There’s a Trek short-hand that exists at this point in that era, I can tell where the stories are headed most of the time and just kind of float along. It is weird, though. To be watching/listening to 90s trek that I’ve never actually seen before.

I can’t remember exactly why I stopped watching Voyager. I think it was actually because I’d been in High School for a couple years, and I was doing other things on the Saturday night that the show would air, as opposed to a couple years earlier when I was an even more awkward teenager and I had nothing else to do. I can’t say for sure that was it, because I was still watching Deep Space Nine, and I believe that Voyager only continued for another two seasons after DS9 ended…and I stopped with Voyager very early on in season 5.

There may have been something going on with the station that was carrying it…I do remember that there was no UPN affiliate up in Humboldt, so the show was syndicated to the local ABC station (hence the terrible time-slot. 11pm on Thursdays and a repeat at 7pm on Saturdays, I believe). Maybe that had something to do with it. I can’t actually remember. In any event…that was 15 years ago. How crazy is that?

I hit a major wall today around 8:30, which is way too early! Currently, I’m sitting in bed waaaay earlier than normal, and I am completed wiped out. Done. Ready to pass out. But, I got my work done. Every last drop, in fact. 20 full minutes. I’d like to repeat that tomorrow.

I remember last year, before I figured my shit out, that my goal was to do 6 minutes a day, five days a week. 6 minutes! And I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. Today, that would take me three hours, probably less actually. My, how times have changed. I have come a long way.

The writing today was good writing, too. It was vivid, and articulate. Exciting. Hopefully tomorrow is more of the same.

I’m watching a fellow manager’s building starting tomorrow for 10 days, and it’s a bit daunting, to be completely honest. They just sent over a list of all the repairs that need to be done, and they have four units that need to be rented. Holy Jesus, right? That building is crazy. But, you know what? I can handle it. It’s temporary. And, it’s always better to be in the position of the savior, swooping in to help out. It’s gonna be stressful, but it’ll be okay. And, it’s good karma.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Sleep is calling my name. Coops got his haircut today, and both him and Coco have been suuuuuper freaking cuddly tonight after he came home. It’s really sweet. He always hates it when he comes home from the groomer’s because his body feels so different. He’s totally in that mode right now, but he’ll be over it in a few days. And he’s soooo soft. It hurts my brain. Can’t wait till Coco has grown out enough to need a puppy cut of her own.