Day 373: So Fresh and So Clean

Day 373: So Fresh and So Clean

I’m definitely sure I’ve used this blog title before…

I took a shower before bed tonight. I’d finished work, writing, eating, taking care of the pup-pups. Everything. And, I had time to do whatever I wanted for about 30 minutes. I wanted to take a shower.

There is nothing quite like being in bed after a shower, am I right. So clean. So warm and soft. It’s dope.

I had a solid work day today. Finished all my minutes, did some apartment stuff here and there, and I got my writing done. Getting it done first thing in the day is the tits. Accept no substitutes. It takes a weight off. After that, all I have to focus on is my editing. It’s fast becoming my new creative time of the day.

So, that’s two days in a row. I’m 1/5th from where I’d like to be. It’s a good start. I almost wrote that it’s *only* the start, but I thought maybe that was a little negative. But, now I wrote that anyway. Damn it. I can do it, guys. It just takes focus and determination.

I’m feeling good. I was really freaking tired yesterday and the day before. Today, I feel better. Liz made the most amazing blue apron dinner tonight. It was this bone-in chicken with feta cheese, so kind of a greek or mediterranean feel to it. It was delicious. That seriously made a difference, I think, getting me over the hump tonight and not feeling so tired, having a good dinner in my belly.

Anyway, tomorrow is more of the same.

The Ho and I talked some tonight about making changes in our lives to try and make the present a happier place to live in. And, I don’t mean that in we talked about, like, “we should change things”…no, I mean more about the *process* of change. And, really, that it is a process. I look at my blog, and around this time last year when I really made actual effort and took actions to try and pull myself out of an emotional hole that I’d dug myself into. And, it’s not like I’m *out* of that hole, but I have at least made significant progress. I don’t think the process ever stops. I’m either taking steps forward or backward, I never stop taking steps.

And, change is hard. It’s hard to stick to, and it’s hard to know which way to go. But, change is inevitable around us. It’s worth the effort to change as much as possible, I think.

Anyway, I’m happy to be where I am right now, and I’d just like to keep my head down and nose to the grindstone. I got some things off my chest today with other work, and I’m optimistic that I actually did it in a way that will be constructive as opposed to inflammatory, or otherwise selfish. We’ll see. But, I feel better for having said something. Everyone has a job to do, and it’s always best to start with respecting that fact.

I will see you guys tomorrow. Another day on the grind. I’m happy as a clam.