Day 375: Connecting

Day 375: Connecting

I’m not sure why, but my new keyboard suddenly is starting to have issues connecting with my iPad. Makes me think that I might need to exchange it *again*…which is a freaking bummer, man. I just did some reading about pairing, and I think there’s one thing to try before throwing in the towel. We’ll see. That would be the absolute #1 bummer, the have a keyboard that won’t connect 😛 That’s, like, the nuclear scenario.

I’m writing this a little early tonight, I finished work a little “early.” It wouldn’t have been early had the Ho not taken the pups on a walk for me. I was behind, and not from any of my own doing, it was just apartment stuff. But, she pitched in to help.

There’s this song that I’m kind of obsessed with right now. I’ll probably post it tomorrow on a “Today’s Track.” I’m actually trying not to over play it. But, I’m listening to it right now 😛 It’s called “One More” by Elliphant and Mø and I’m obsessed…like I already mentioned.

Lately, I’ve been listening to music for the first half to two thirds of my day, and then playing some Star Trek in the background for the evening. The evening, though, to be honest feels like half the day. I mean, it starts getting dark at freaking 4:30 in the afternoon. Shake my head. This whole “time change” thing. It’s something you definitely just take for granted and accept as a child, but now that I’m an adult and I stop and really think about things, it makes no freaking sense. Unless you were a farmer. But even then…wake up with the sun. Who cares what *time* it is. The sun tells you that shit.

I should listen to music more often when I write these entries. It’s quite nice 😛 Makes me not quite so tired.

Tomorrow will be day 5 in a row, guys. FIVE days in a row of full blown editing work. I’ve never done that before. Ever. New ground! It shall be accomplished tomorrow.

The writing was good today. This first novel is likely the only one that will ever be like this to the extent that it is, but I’m very much finding my narrative as I go. I *do* have an outline, mind you. A 20-page outline that I actually know so well I never freaking look at it…but the actual mini scenes, the thoughts…those I am definitely finding in the moment. It works well sometimes, and sometimes not so much. Today was a “working well.”

You know why I like pop music? Good pop, anyway? Because it’s youthful. That’s really what it is. When I was younger, it spoke to emotions I was actually feeling at the time. Now that I’m older, it makes me remember what those times were like. I actually have no interest whatsoever in being that young again. Even my 20s. I was an idiot. Immature and an idiot. But, remembering those times from here in the present through a pair of headphones, absolutely. It also kind of makes me understand how the older we get, the more cynical we can become about pop music — see, pop music never *really* changes. It’s an expression of kids. Like, ages 12 to 25, and all the shit that comes with those years. Lots of emotions and change and hormones and mistakes and…growing up. I can feel, even now, how I drift further and further away from those feelings with each year I blow candles out on a cake. I hope, however, that I continue to love the music that makes the kids dance, or nod to the beat, and that it reminds me that I too was that age, listening to songs about the same things.


This is what happens to Ira when he listens to music while he blogs. I just fucking love music. I really do. It just gets me going, you know?

Tomorrow. More of the same. Work. Making da monies and writing da books. Making the future in the present. That’s what’s up.

Catch you on the flip.