Day 379: 52,000

Day 379: 52,000

Tonight has to be a quick entry. It’s late 😛

It was a long, kind of frustrating day. Filled with things that I’d rather not have had to deal with, but it is what it is. I still got as much work done as I could, although I did stop 30 minutes earlier than I’d have liked to. I had to eat and take a shower. It needed to happen.

The writing, on the other hand, was good today. I figured out some fun villain stuff. Make him ominous, but not obviously horrible. Was very happy about that. Also reacquainted myself with my outline, which made me doubt again very much that I would be able to fit all this plot into one single book…and maybe I won’t be able to. But, that really doesn’t matter, does it? As long as I keep writing. I’m going to have 90,000 words by christmas time, which is a novel, folks. If it means I have to write a second novel to finish the story, so be it. I actually don’t think that’s going to happen, though. I think I’m good.

Okay, that’s enough for tonight. I have to give in to the sleeps and just get back at it tomorrow.

Tonight’s number title is how many words I’ve written as of right now. 52,000. I’m pretty sure that’s the most I’ve ever written, guys, so it’s not insignificant. It’s not the milestone I’m *looking* for, but I figured I might as well declare it anyway 😛 That way, when I’ve written 500,000 words (which is like, what, six novels?) I can look back on this day and say “awwww, how cute. What a baby I was back then.”

I swear I’ll have more detailed and interesting details/thoughts/brain farts to report about tomorrow…tonight, it’s late 😛

Good night!