Day 381: Slipping

Day 381: Slipping

This one is gonna be a short entry, only because I’m rather pooped.

‘Twas a long day. I filled a vacancy (sadly not in my own building, but still a victory), did a bunch of showings, visited the office, and did other random work. It basically took half my work day, which is just the way the cookie has been crumbling these days.

I sucked it up, got as much work done as I could, got my pages written, and now here I am. Tired. Surrounded by the Ho and the CocoCoops.

Tomorrow should be more straight forward. I’m going to map it out, actually. Plan the day. If all goes well, I can make up for some lost editing time. We’ll see. It’s the end of the pay-period on Saturday, so there should be lessons aplenty.

That’s literally all I have tonight 😛

Sorry, guys. More thoughts tomorrow, and hopefully a little less tired. Peace out!

(ps- today was the day I woke up to see “Account Suspended” in place of my blog. Turns out, my hosting fee was due, but I was completely unaware. I was not happy. But, we’re back now!)