Day 383: Shiny and New

Day 383: Shiny and New

Okay…well maybe I’m not feeling “new” per se…but I did finish a successful day of work, I *definitely* have worked hard enough to deserve a couple days off, and I just took a shower and shaved. I’m a new man!

I, like, *legitimately* shaved tonight. With a full-blown razor and shaving cream. I have’t done that…in a long time. Three months, maybe? I usually just use the little beard clippers that I have and get it down to some stubble. I’m not sure exactly *why* I decided to undress my face so completely except, I guess, that I wanted to feel clean. Like, super clean. I even clipped my finger- and toenails.

Never again, guys. Six days in a row is not sustainable. At least when I have all these distractions going on, which is essentially all the time. Right now, I’m riding on the “got-it-all-done” high, which is the only reason I’m feeling coherent at the moment. It was dicey all day. One of those days where you slept, and woke up and your eyes kinda hurt because you’re still tired…and they continue to hurt like that all day. Not how I like to roll, generally. But, hey, I did it.

Writing was done today. I’m on a freaking roll with that shit. It’s my first hour every day, and I freaking love it.

So, a crashing sound and an “ow” just came from the bathroom. I swear, that bear. I can’t tell you how many times a week, or sometimes even a day, when I’m in the other room and I hear a bang or a crash closely followed by an “ouch” of varying severity. She’s brushing her teeth and watching some of her old vlogs. She’s posting the vlogs from our wedding back in September right now, I highly recommend checking them out, which you can do right HERE. For reals. I love how she puts them together. Very polished and humorous.

Random thought of the day: I was brushing my teeth, putting the Coops who was down at my feet, and looking at our bedroom walls. I know, setting the scene like a boss. Anywho, I was looking at the walls, and I realized that they’re painted this color that kind of makes them disappear. They don’t have a ton of shine or texture to them to pick up the light and tell you “hey, I’m a wall” and so your eyes just kind of fight for focus for a minute, and then they give up…and the wall is just kind of wash of color. It was a cool, if not in a tired-trippy kind of way. Which it definitely was.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Okay, the tiredness is definitely starting to set in. I can even feel my body starting to relax a bit. This past week was a motherfucker, guys. No other way around it. But, I didn’t let it phase me, I pushed on through, restrategized, and here I am: a step or two away from being back on top.

I’m probably not going to do jack shit tomorrow, or Monday. We’ll see what happens, but they’re both shaping up to be lazy motherfucking days. That’s two f-bombs in the span of two paragraphs. This is what happens when I beat myself into exhaustion. And, no, that’s not a masturbation joke.

Jesus. This blog took a turn fast, didn’t it?

I shall speak with you bloggettes tomorrow! Good night!